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O.K. I need to Vent

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  • Tat2ed_Groomer

    Yesterday I had a mobile customer ask me if she would get her groomings cheaper if i groomed her neighbors dogs that day as well. sometimes i just don't get peoples thought processes on things

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  • PoodleeDoo
    makes sense to me

    Originally posted by Debbiedogs View Post
    I just don't really want to be a groomer racing to give the lowest price; even though I love Bichons, the lower prices are for small, straight-haired dogs, not specialty cuts on a curly coat. That's how I see it, anyway.
    Yes, I believe your reasoning is sound. People who dont groom, and really dont understand that there is a difference in what goes into a dog, other than just 'size' of the dog. So, we have to educate on our website, and in person to say for a bichon I charge this much XXX... Bichons take extensive grooming if its done right.

    period. end of statement. no apologies. i think that our hairdressers do not apologize at all for their prices, the stores dont apologize for beauty products, why should groomers apologize. Price according to your skills and time, Simple as that.

    My own stylist charges almost 100 for 2 hours of her time...and I dont bite, wiggle, drool, or poop on her. And her products and tools dont cost her anymore than a groomers I dont think. perhaps less, actually, groomer tools (the nice ones) are quite an investment and to do it right, we need quite a few of them no tto mention the training materials and ongoing educatoinal stuff seminars etc.

    People pay mechanices at least 65/hour on average, they pay dentists much more... we pay service folks for appliances at least that muych why?? because we can't do the work ourselves. Well, if you can't or dont want to do the groom yourself, then pay for it, its a speciality. and i think those who barely make ends meet .... are not doing themselves any good and certainly bargaining feeling shy or weak about a big mistake.

    so I think your idea is spot on! And for mobile, we have our gas and stuff too and what about being out and about in winter weather so they dont have to! Is it our problem they may not value this service? No, its theirs. Let it remain there and let them go somewherre else.

    As to a client saying "call me back and I'll think about it." say what?? I'm busy, lady, I run a service. If you would like to slot an appt you feel free to call me and I'll see where I can fit you in (say this nicely of course).... we need to stop feeling feeble and apologizing for our time and fees and stop beggin for work by droping prices.

    I was told by someone in my area, if you are good here in this town .... word will spread you dont have to offer "two for 1 deals, or discounts" don't discount yourself. stand tall. be proud. and wait.... do a good job and they'll come.

    I think he had a good point and this is someone who has had his dogs groomed here a long time, and someoen who built a multi million dollar biz from scratch. a pawn biz at that..a biz where they are paid to 'bargain.'

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  • Debbiedogs
    Oh yeah...

    Always some like that, aren't there? Today I had a lady wanting her TWO Bichons done every 2 weeks - 1 groom, 1 tidy. Kind of silent after I quoted her, but then asked me to call her after 5 pm, by which time I guess she found somewhere cheaper, so she made an appointment there (guess she didn't really care about having a Bichon "specialist", I don't know). I just don't really want to be a groomer racing to give the lowest price; even though I love Bichons, the lower prices are for small, straight-haired dogs, not specialty cuts on a curly coat. That's how I see it, anyway.

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  • Ann221
    started a topic O.K. I need to Vent

    O.K. I need to Vent

    This customer calls and makes an appointment, never asked how much, shows up for the appointment and the bichon looked liked it was not groomed for at least 6 months, and then she has the nerve to tell me that I was too high and that in North Caroline she only paid half of what I was going to charge her, Lady you are in Florida compare apples to apples. I told her I was very competetivly priced but for only a few more dollars she still did not want to pay, so I told her she must not think of her dog a whole lot and she needs to go somewhere else where they will brobably butcher her dog, and told her have a nice day. I just can't believe some people.

    O. K. Now I feel better.