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  • Grooming contracts

    Do you have your clients sign a grooming contract or do you just post your policies in your shop?

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    I made up a 3 fold brochure and gave it to them as they first come to my shop. It has what I expect, hours, extra charges, and what all I do in the grooming, plus a little history.


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      I have matted release and elderly dog release forms. Every shop should use these!!


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        You should have every client sign an agreement authorizing you to groom their pet. It should include a release to obtain medical treatment if the pet should require it, and an agreement to pay for authorized services.

        For matted pets, you should have a release stating that they understand that their pet is matted and will be shaved down. They have been informed and understand that this means the pet will have no hair. Furthermore, you assume no responsibility for medical conditions that may be lurking under the matted hair, and that while every effort will be made to avoid irritating or injuring the skin, this is not always possible with severe matting.

        But keep in mind that even the most carefully prepared release won't stop someone from suing you. They may not be able to win, but it's still a big pain to deal with it. Have liability insurance.


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          Anyone have a matted release form they would be willing to share?


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            Yes indeed!

            Yes, I have every new client sign my "Policy Agreement", along with filling out the "Tell me about your pet" Being mobile, I have a few more things in my 'policy' that a shop would not need, but you can adapt mine if you like. If nothing else it will give you ideas to make your own.



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              Buy them from Barkleigh. I had my made by a printer , it's carbon paper so the client gets a copy.

              As for liability, check your states law, in some states you are only responsible for the cost of the dog, and that gets pro-rated by age, sad but true!