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It's been a lousy past couple'a days

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  • It's been a lousy past couple'a days

    Huge snowstorm yesterday. All my morning clients cancelled, which was actually a good thing because they wouldn't have been able to get into my parking lot anyway. City plowed the streets and left a HUGE pile of very heavy snow at the end of my parking lot, and the landlords plow broke on him. We had to wait for a hired snowplow driver to come and he didn't get there until 11am. I had to park my truck across the street and walk through a foot of snow to get into my shop. Then sit there all morning twiddling my s because everyone cancelled. 5 dogs showed up in the afternoon so I guess that was a good thing, but I still lost a ton of money since mornings are my busy time. And although I'm already overbooked, I'm a sucker and rescheduled those people who decided the weather was to bad to bring their dogs. (funny how "I" managed to make it there for them)

    Soooo, between now and Christmas I have 15+ dogs on my book every day. No big deal since my daughter works with me, except I had forgotten that she has an appointment on Monday. I wrote it in really small letters at the top of the book - because I'm real intelligent like that sometimes. So I didn't see it when I scheduled 17 dogs for Monday. The good news is her appointment should only take about an hour or two, but I'm still stressing about it because my comfortable limit by myself is 10.

    I usually only work until noon on Fridays, but since I had taken Monday off to do our (my mom, sister and I) annual shop till ya drop day, my daughter and I decided to work until 3:00. So we loaded the book up with 10 dogs. Again... all full grooms. (I rarely get just bath dogs) So at 3:00 today my daughter and I were taking a breather after a really busy morning. We still had a 4:00 Bishon coming, and two 5:30 dogs when all of a sudden I hear this noise coming from my bathroom. I looked at my daughter just long enough to say, "What the heck is that?" when I realized I had water literally FLOWING down my hallway. Thinking my toilet was overflowing I run to the bathroom and open the door. The bathroom was so thick with steam I could barely see anything - except the heavy flow of hot water pouring out of my hot water heater. It took less then 1 minute to completely empty 30 gallons of hot water all over my bathroom, hallway, reception room and part of my grooming area. Long story short, the hot water heater overheated and is now junk. A new one will be installed "sometime" tomorrow, so I had no choice but to cancel this evenings 3 dogs and all 10 dogs I had on the book tomorrow and find a spot for them next week. Needless to say, we will be working all day next Friday (I work 10-12 hours M-TH and by Friday I'm exhausted) and so far, Saturday morning.

    But that's not all. Yesterday my husband got sick. First time I've seen him sick in eh.... probably 12 years, if not more. He never gets sick. But he is wiped out, flat on his back, high fever, can't breath sick. He went to the Dr. today and they did the flu test on him but we won't know the results for a few days. The Dr. loaded him up with a crapload of drugs and gave him a week off work. I'm not feeling so great myself but it could just be stress. I CANNOT get whatever the heck he has. But with the luck I've had lately, I'm sure I will.

    I'm not even going to get started on the lousy X-mas tips so far this year (with the exception of 2 people) because it makes me feel greedy..... but dang!!!

    As much as I've looked forward to this Christmas (being a new granny and all), within the past 2 days I've remembered why I dread the holidays so much and I really can't wait until this **** is over and done with. I swore I would not over stress myself this year and I've failed miserably at that task.

    I think I'm done complaining now.

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    I'm sorry bout that Scruba. Now I see why you did not answer my PM. Poor Y'all.
    "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
    People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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      Sorry about that. I read it, meant to reply and then got busy doing something else. Then we had a huge dinner thing at my moms Sunday, and the shopping thing on Monday. From there it all just went downhill.

      The new hot water heater was put in yesterday afternoon..... but guess what? I have a horrible chest cold that I'm praying will not turn into whatever the heck my husband had for 3 days. I'm staying in the house this weekend and getting as much sleep as possible


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        All I can say is WOW! I sure hope things look up for you. And I can relate about how your feeling about X-mas as I'm just not feeling it this year either.
        My hot water broke last year on X-mas eve! What a pita to clean up after uggggghhhh....