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No propane!!!!!

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  • No propane!!!!!

    Went downstairs, lit up the burner. It burned for about 5 min and out it went. It has been soooo cold the last week I've had to use more heat and it ran my little propane tank out today.
    Hubby wasn't home to run to the propane place to fill it, and we only have one car so it is his job.
    I have two, a larger one and a smaller one (for emergencies) and that's the one that ran out, hadn't gotten the larger one filled. Well it is full now, cost $80. to fill it! Should last me almost a month, longer if it warms up.
    I had to call and cancel my appointments. It was kind of nice having a day off, but I'll be paying for it rest of this week and part of next!
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."