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Using a shop vac as your clipper vac

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  • Using a shop vac as your clipper vac

    has any bought and used the hanvey clipper vac conversion kit?

    What amp shop vac do you need. Is 2.5 amps enough suction?

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    I use a shop vac as my clipper vac and it's actually in the back room in a closet. I ran the plug and the hose through a hole in the wall, got an electrical outlet on/off switch that plugs into the outlet first and then you plug in the shop vac so you can turn it on and off from there instead of the main unit. I got a really cheap conversion from the place that sells all the puppy playground stuff, the name is escaping me right now. The only problem is there isn't a suction adjustment so I'm on full force all the time unless I cover part of the sucker with my finger. I think the name was vac groom or something like that.