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  • My new tub

    I moved into a new house last week. Its a bit of a fixer upper (actually its more like a finish it upper, the contractor bailed before completing it), but it has this unbelievable bath tub that is so deep, the water covers my shoulders, long enough that my 6' tall legs can be stretched out AND best of all, it has JETS!!!! Lots of strong and powerful ones! It makes the thought of opening a new salon, in my new town (not actually new, but I've been away from here for a very long time) a possibility.

  • #2 have the NY Jets in your must be huge


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      Shut. Up!

      Makes me think of a tub in the movies. Ya ever notice that everyone in a movie has a great, big bathtub?! I mean, c'mon! They also have great big houses, and no screens on their windows. LOL!


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        Awesome, can I come and live with you?


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          When my husband and I got married, we splurged and spent our first night together in the penthouse suite of the hotel we were staying at before flying out the next day. The suite came with a HUGE tub. My toddler husband spent the majority of the night playing water slide butt nekkid in it. LOL. I didn't have the heart to stop him, he was having such a good time!
          There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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            Oh I envy you. I miss my huge garden tub.I haven't had a nice soak in a hot bubble bath since I moved to the frozen tundra of N Mich.My tub is so short and shallow its like sitting in a dish pan lol.


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              That tub sounds awesome! I have such a such a crummy pooh said, like sitting in a dishpan.

              A few times a year I treat myself at a nearby "nordic spa". It has outdoor hot pools, temperate pools, waterfalls, relaxation rooms, fireplace gazebos, a huge sauna, steambath, etc. I like going in wintertime when there's lots of snow.
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