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I made a movie.

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  • I made a movie.

    Okay well I have been sitting here this morning reading about anal glands, shop problems, chewing gum and all the other great post while I waited for my video to upload to youtube. So here is a short film I made about the building of my salon. It is actually pretty comical to watch. Hope you guys enjoy. Here is a link to it. Now I have a great dane to go bath so I will check in later. LOL

    A fun video of the building of the dog salon & spa. I would like to send out a special thanks to the people who made this dream a reality. My brother & Nephe...

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    Love it

    Awesome!!! I love that cross hatch stuff!!! I don't know what it's called but, I want some! Gorgeous shop! Simple but elegant!


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      Crosshatch stuff? O! I think you must be talking about the lattice work if so it is called latice work (sp?) atleast that is what I call it LOL. I guess it could be cross hatch too. LOL thanks for checking out the video. That Latice work made a pretty cheap little fence it was cheaper then the wire mesh I was looking at and I thought it looked nicer too. :-)


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        Lol yea it is lattice, I figured that out after talking to my husband...