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  • Sample pack for new biz?

    Does anyone know of companies that give product sample packs to new businesses? Or even good shampoo companies that sell intro packs? I am starting up a business and want to try out a variety of shampoos in the van to see what works best for me before buying gallons of stuff!

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    Call Les Pooch and they will send shampoo samples. Show Seasons will send a TON of samples for $15 or if you buy a gallon of anything and request samples the samples will be free. Why Itch by B3 salons was kind enough to send me a sample, but it was one of the distributors and I can't remember which one, but I bet scissorhands, the creator, can help there. Quadrapet will send LARGE, like 16 oz bottles of free samples. I just noticed in the new GTG that something called Skunk Off or something was offering free samples if you called them. I'm sure there are a ton more. they want our business and many are more tha willing to send samples!
    Just wish Hanvey Vans would send a "free sample" grooming van to me LOL
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      I called around looking for shampoos and such, Most of the companies will send you something if you tell them you are a business just starting out. Earth Bath which is the shampoo I use sent me a ton of free samples

      Quadruped Pets also sent me some samples


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        I bought a two sample packs from Show Seasons, their regular line and naturals for ~$35. It was a killer deal, I got loads and loads of good stuff-shampoos, conditioners, colognes, flea stuff, detangler, speed dry. Still haven't tried half of it. I also called Isle of Dogs. Their sample pack was $75 and sounded like a rip off.
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          Bark to Basics does as well as those listed above. I called around and asked if they did samples or samlpe packs. EZ Groom sells a sample pack which contains a lot of their shampoos and other spray on products. I eventually went with EZ Groom of all of the ones I received, and Nature's Specialties. I can't remember is NS sold an intro pack or sent me samples, but I know that when I order NS sometimes I will ask about a product and they will send me a free sample with my order.


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            a few places that send me samples
   sent me samples of B2B


   does not send free samples however they have clearance sales on several shampoo and grooming products for the tight budget.
            I purchased several small bottles of natural shampoos that were on clearance priced at 1.49 a bottle 16 oz
            many now only have 2 1/2 gal but I liked most of them too bad they went on clearance which means no more stocking but they helped alot with my shop start up