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    I was just wondering how big everyone's grooming shops are if you have an actual "shop". How many groomers do you have? Also, do you think it is too big? Too small? I am looking to move my shop & I am trying to get an idea of what I should be looking for...

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    I have about 1,000 square feet including a tub room and back room/storage. I devote about 400 sq. feet of that to retail area. Originally I wanted a much smaller space, but my rent is probably 1/3 of what others are paying for the same amount of square footage and I have a wonderful landlord and no lease ever. He hasn't raised my rent in 6 years and if I see him once a year to say hello it's a miracle. I really lucked out. I also work alone.


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      My shop is 1500 sq ft. Love the amount of space....I have a lobby with a reception counter, chairs for the client, couple of displays, fountain and a big ficus of that I have a grooming room with just my table and station set up, also a few chairs in case I have a client that has to stay with a office is just a break room with my fridge and microwave...then there is a wall that comes halfway out behind the reception counter that I have another groomer set up at....then a door to the back(which is huge), that is where the crates, tub, and bathrooms are. Love the set up here because when you walk in you get a sense of calm and not all the crazyness of a busy grooming shop since everything is seperate.


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        Our shop is 700 square feet. It is intimate and cozy, but if you use the space well you can set up 5 tables if needed. There is still a nice waiting area, a kennel room with big windows that we can see the dogs through and a mirror system that allows us to see in all corners without having to move. There is also a small room for the tub and drying table. We even do a very small amount of retail. Planning the use of space is very important. My sister and I work together daily and can accomodate an extra groomer and two brusher bathers if needed. (Like at this time of year). Our landlord is very cool, water is included with our very reasonable rent. Good luck in finding a place and keep us posted how the search is going.


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          Thanks ) I have a few places in mind right now, but I also do Doggy Daycare & want to start overnight boarding for 5-8 dogs at a time...(cageless) So I am trying to get an Idea what everyone is using for grooming alone. Right now I have about 1100 sq ft. and I feel like the setup of the building is causing me to waste a ton of space. Also I have like 18ft ceilings causing my heating bill to be ridiculous! I will keep you posted of any new developments )


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            my shop is 1000 sq ft and I have about 400 devoted to retail aswell although I don't actually have any retail at the moment that is what it is ment for. It is just me and I seem to have tons of open space. As a matter of fact I have a echo in here. Not a bad echo but it is still there. I have got to get some more stuff in here. LOL I figure one day there will still be enough room to set up another grooming station but that is far in the future as many of my other plans are right now. LOL


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              1,000 sq ft,it's long and narrow, but room for waiting,i don't retail, room for 3 or 4 groomers and bather, but i work alone now. minw is an open plan so i can talk to clients if i have a dog in the i'm claustrophobic.
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                Mine is 300 sq feet, 150 for grooming and 150 for retail and there are 2-3 groomers It is so cramped it isn't funny but rents in town are really HIGH


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                  finally after 23 years.....

                  In 320 sq. feet.....I am now for the last 2 years in 1200 sq. feet!! I have 200 for retail (still in process), 2 finish grooming stations, a drying /laundry room, a daycare/ huge dog drying room, sitting area for clients, a employee frige micro.area, and a bathroom that I actually have to get up off the toilet to wash my hands!!! Imagine!!! The tub and crating area is behind the finishing areas. Apart from the bathroom, everything is seperated by half walls or windows. No enclosed hidden areas. Clients are always commenting on how nice and open the shop is, but as someone stated earlier, the crazy moments do hit and clients can see everything. (unless you want to groom that rediculous psycho Scottie in the bathroom!)
                  Currently I finish groom and meet and greet clients. I have one other groomer and 2 bathers.
                  Would love to see pics of other shops....heck I would love to see pics of my own shop....#226 on the to-do list!


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                    People do ask if I get claustaphobic in a, there is plenty of room. You don't need a lot of room when you only do one dog at a time and no cages.


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                      Ok, maybe I am just raunchy, but every time I scroll down and read the title of this post, my brain automatically finishes your sentence with another word.
                      There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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                        OK, ours is too big!

                        We have a free standing, 2200 sq feet, we do boarding, grooming and pet photography. This gives me an indoor boarding room (2), an office, a photo studio, a bathing/holding room, and my grooming area. I am the only groomer, but have 2 bathers, a receptionist and a kennel staff member. I have 3 tables set up in the grooming area so that I can have a bather drying, a bather finishing, and me grooming. I love my space and wouldn't change a thing. We also have a 200x85ft back yard that is fenced. We are renting with the option to buy so we pay right at 55cents per square foot. HUGE benefit since most spaces around here are so expensive. (we looked at a 900 sq ft storefront in a strip mall that rents for 2500/mo.) so not worth that!

                        Obviously, the more space, the better if the price is right. We stumbled on this property and thought we couldn't possibly afford it and contacted the owner anyway. She was frustrated with renters, didn't want to sell (for tax reasons) and was thrilled to work out a 10 year lease where we will own it at the end of 10 years but without interest or bank involvment.

                        Good luck and happy hunting



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                          Beautiful facility!

                          What a nice place! It looks immaculate! Great website!

                          Really like your kennel set up. Ours is smaller and is a bit different - I'll post pix later. It's more like a house inside - tile floor, dry wall, regular ceilings. Each of the dogs are walked outside to their individual kennels which are either 6x50 or 10x50 - 6 ft. high security fence and lighting around them (we're in a major wildlife area - bear, coyotes, fishers, etc. - have to keep the dogs safe). Being in WI, this time of year it makes it much more energy efficient - no in and out when they want to. Right now it's a balmy 3 degrees outside.

                          What are your charges for boarding?


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                            Thanks, Petekids...

                            I love my website - Web Wise Web Designs (pg advertiser and my hubby) did it.

                            Yes, our kennels and our salon stays really clean. I was a vet tech for 8 years and the most frustrating thing we saw was nasty facilities! My threat to my employees is that as soon as it starts smelling like a kennel or looking like our competitors, they have lost their jobs. Period. I am a stickler. Our kennels are scrubbed 2 times daily and all dishes and bedding is washed daily. We are really cheap compared to local vets, but we charge $20.00/day for 1 dog and $10 each per additional dog in the same suite. (Suites are 60 square feet so they can house several dogs!) We also offer playpen and kennel boarding as you see on our site.

                            This is a fun business. I love to groom, but I also love keeping dogs for people. I have a chihuahua that is here for 6 months while his mom is in Iraq (wouldn't leave him with her daughter!!). Another is here for the 4 weeks of R&R her vet required after heartworm treatment. Her vet even recommended us! We love what we do and will keep doing it as long as there is business to keep us going.

                            I wish everyone could be as happy and as blessed with their job as I am !!!