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Stray Dog need advise ASAP!

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  • Stray Dog need advise ASAP!

    I have been blessed with yet another stray dog. I CAN NOT keep this one. I already have 10 dogs and 17 cats. If I do not find it a home quick my hubby is going to take it to the very bad bad animal shelter here. I have checked every no kill shelter within 100 miles and none of them will take her. I have flyers posted but so far no calls for a lost dog or anyone wanting her. I thought about Craigs list, but I don't want someone to add her to the collection of free dogs sold for animal testing.

    I am guessing that she around 6 months old. She looks somewhat Malinois, but I think she is probably shephard mix. She seems starved for human affection and has taken to my 18 yr. daughter. She is afraid of her own shadow and VERY food aggressive. Her weight is good and she seems healthy. She has been here for 4 days. She has to be gone by Friday. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to find her a home.



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    Sometimes the rescues will accept a mix. For instance if you think it's a German ShepX then you might be able to talk to the folks at a German Shep. rescue and they might take it. I was just talking to a lady today from the Collie rescue and she said when they're not full they accept collie mixes. It might be worth a shot. Good luck to you. I know how you feel I get a lot of strays here as well.
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      A good way to get no-kill/rescues to take an animal-sponsorship. Help them help you help the dog. Get the dog spayed/neutered, all shots, heart worm tested. That's how I've gotten stray cats into a no-kill rescue. Otherwise, find a good shelter with a reputation of high adoption rates.

      I'd recommend altering the dog anyway and asking a reasonable adoption donation. "Free to Good Home" attracts the worse homes. Either they won't vet and alter the dog, use the dog for research or as a bait dog.
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        Put the dog on craigslist and simply screen applicants. Charge a small re-home fee. You can find some great homes via Craigslist, but yes, you do have to screen. Offer to bring the dog to their home to make sure everyone gets along. If they won't let you come see their home, then it's not the right home. If they don't have an appropriate fence, etc. then keep on driving. Be honest with them and don't misrepresent the dog. This dog is going to be a lot of work for a new family.

        From the behavior you describe, odds are she won't be selected for adoption if you take her to your local shelter. As sad as that is, not all stray dogs can be saved. It's important for you to remember that if you are forced to take her to the shelter, it isn't your fault.


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          Craigs list and


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            How do you do it with all your animals? My house is a zoo with 4 dogs and 2 cats. Anyway, put her on craigs list and like other's said screen them and charge a small re-homing fee, also not a bad idea to go to their home. Best wishes.