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  • Lobbyist?

    We get all kinds of sales calls in our shop from people wanting to sell toys and gadgets to insurance salesmen and others who want us to use credit card machines. So last week a man dressed in a nice winter suit says he wants to talk to the owner, I hate that statement, I always hedge on wanting to lie and say they aren't in. Anyhow I just say that we have 3 owners and that I'm one of them. Anyhow he says he's part of a lobbying company and wants to offer his services to us. I tell him I'm getting ready to bathe a dog but he's free to leave a brochure and business card. He then states that because he's non-profit he can't leave any information (why not?) and that he's out of business cards. I just state that I'm not sure why I'd even need a lobbyist 'on my side', then he proceeds to open a folder with a bunch of business cards of other clients he has, one is a groomer who operates out of her home. (Why does SHE need a lobbyist is what I really wanted to ask him). He says well, back in 20XX the state wanted to make you give your employees blah, blah, blah. I cut him off and state that I don't have any employees, this is where he throws up his hands and walks out saying, 'have a nice day'. I just walked back to my work laughing, and say, well, he's not much of a lobbyist, he couldn't even tell me why I needed one.

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      Maybe he thought your lobby needed a little pre-holiday sprucing up?

      Bet that other groomer has a really fancy lobby in her home now.
      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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        probably the national chamber od commerce, been here doing that. want way tooo much money. lobby needs cleaning
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