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  • I just don't understand. (clients)

    Sometimes you get those clients that give you a bad feeling right in your gut, right? This lady was one of those. After two grooms I finally felt comfortable around her. Unfortuneately for some reason I cannot remember, she had canceled her Nov apt. I found a spot where I could groom her two schnauzers the week of x-mas. She calls me yesterday to cancel that appointment due to a family member's death and the memorial service would be for that day (two weeks later, odd usually it would be the week of). She asked if I could help them out by grooming her dogs another day. I told her I couldn't until Jan. (I already am grooming dogs on my days off, plus making and selling gingerbread houses, I can't work myself 24/7).
    So her reply, not word for word, was that she wishes she could support local business but it seems I can't work with her schedule so she will have to find someone else. (mind you this is the lady that was going to tell the vet, who referred her, I wasn't taking new clients because I book out 5-6 weeks in advance new client or current) So I lost her as a client yesterday.

    Today, another client called me. He has two shih tzu pups, one is 10 mths and the other is 7 mths. I have been their only groomer. 10 mth old I have groomed 10 times, and a little more than half for the 7 mth old. I love these dogs, I love puppies. Anyway the dad called me to tell me that they want to cancel all future appointments and wished me a merry christmas. I was like what? what happened? he mention how they don't seem like they want to go for rides in the car, or when they said lets go for a ride they hid under the bed. So basically he is saying he feels that the pups are unhappy coming to me for grooming so they will go somewhere else. I was shocked to where my voice was shaking and dumbfounded basically. They always said they looked beautiful, that I do a great job etc. everytime I groom them. I asked them if there was anything that I can do to keep them as clients and he flat out said no. I told him if it made him feel more comfortable they can stay for the grooms, of which they are very good for, to know that nothing bad happens. Heck I was going to set up a webcam so clients can watch but I can't get it to work with my wireless internet. Anyways, it broke my heart because I did nothing to those puppies to cause concern and to loose them as clients I am very sad. I was referred to them by a Vet that has never referred groomers before, we share many clients and she has become confident in my work to refer me. I am just shocked to loose two clients, four pups in two days!

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    You can not please all of your clients and if your booked out weeks in advance I would not worry so much. Sometimes people read emotions into their pet when mabye it was the shih tzus get car sick when they ride in a car. The other lady sounds like a pain in the behind to me!


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      A few years ago I had a customer with an older bichon that started getting very bad seperation anxiety. The customer comes in and says the dog does'nt like coming here anymore so she would not be using me as her groomer anymore. I informed her the dog was getting elderly and experiencing seperation anxiety and that I didn't think the dog felt well.
      Well about 3 months later the customer calls to tell the dog passed away and had indeed been ill. Would I consider grooming her new bichon puppy? She was very sorry for the way she treated me but was concerned for her dog.
      I told her no problem I might have considered doing the same thing if I didn't understand why my dog was scared.
      This customer now has 2 bichons and I've been grooming them for about 4 years now. She even moved to the next town over and drives here monthly for me to groom.
      You just never know with people. I'm sorry this happened to you it does feel like **** when this happens but it happens to all of us and sometimes you never know why someone leaves.


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        don't take it personally. I really doubt the shih tzu people take their dogs anywhere, so when it is time for a car ride they know they are going to the groomer. You can't please everyone, and a lot of people have unrealistic expectations.


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          Every once in a while it is going to be .....

          kerplunck! But from the sounds of it, you don't need new clients. Booked 5 to 6 weeks out, especially in the winter! I know it still smarts though. Personally I'd rather not know why they go somewhere else. Sounds like mobile is the better fit for the 2 puppies. My cavalier Connie shakes the whole time we are in a car. And if we happen to be going to my shop for a bath and prep job, she is worse even when we pull up. Only because she is mine do I subject her to it. So I can understand why your client is choosing to go another route. By the sounds of it, you will have a replacement here shortly. Just keep doing what you are doing!
          That is the scary part about this business. It can become so personal! When people don't choose our services it feels personal and many times it is. Can't make everyone like us though, dog or cat either.
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            Oh and that bad feeling in the stomach ....

            some clients give. Well I got one that is likely getting a shot of pepto from me this Friday! Take it to the curb. I can not imagine a dog's lifetime of dealing with her! Sayonara I say.


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              That is exactly right.....

              It does happen to all of us eventually, and you will never know the real reason. If that is the reason....they are idiots IMO. Read my PM to you.

              I just hope you get the chance to say NO when they regret their decision and want you back.

              I could rertire on all the money if paid every time people who say they will reschedule or check w/ wife or husband. Or ones who had a family emergency, and you never hear from them again, or two years later.


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                When I first opened my shop,I took it VERY personal when a customer would call to cancel for ANY reason cuz I know I did the best I could. It came to pass that thru experience,as others have said,you can't please everyone.Don't take it personal and give everyone the best. You may get some of them back thru negligent competition and referral biz. Keep smiling that all is pretty good but by giving your best every day it will be Really good!