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    Today I have a dog coming for grooming, I have 2 clients with the same names and the dogs are both called Casper. I thought it was a Ahih Tzu today, but it is the dreaded Schnauzer...not well behaved, and the only dog I actually failed on my test. I am sick over this. My back is killing me today and here I thought I had a little sweetheart booked in and instead it is one of the Guard Dogs that guard the gates of you know where! I need a straight jacket for the dog ( groomer's helper didn't seem to help on this one, and a sedative...which would be for me LOL!

    The brows weren't right, the beard was off....this is a hard one.

    Please think good thoughts for me, the dog and my back, I need all the good thoughts I can get today! This is a challenge and I want to come across the finish line in a better position than the last time! This is the second grooming for him, and I am worried. He'll be here in less than an hour

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    Wishing you all the best. I do one of those, a dog named Mr Barky Von Schnauzer who is well named. The only way to brush out his beard is to feed him frito's (mom supplies). While he's chewing on the frito, I take the brush and work on his beard. If he's not munching frito's he's trying to munch me. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and I hope today he behaves. Santa Paws is watching! Good luck!


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      They came back for a second groom. The groom couldn't have been too bad then. Do they know he's naughty? I do have a few clients who's dogs are so difficult they do understand perfection is not to be expected. These are sedate worthy dogs that cannot be sedated due to health concerns like not waking up. When your dog gets banned from shops or priced to three figures, ya' kind of have to take the hint.

      I do have a few terriers I do that seem to do better without restraint. These are the stubborn dogs, not so much biters. Try keeping the noose loose if he isn't a bite risk and see if he does better. If he swings then noose'm, don't get bit. Muzzle him if you must and he doesn't freak out over it. Try to stay calm and relaxed. The dog will pick up on your stress and feed off it. It'll make him nervous and brattier. Save the part of the groom he objects to most for last if possible.

      If he bucks and swings or has a tizzyfit let him as long as he can't hurt himself. Let him wear himself out. Don't try to restrain him during one. It tends to make terriers fight back more. If he throws a fit and you don't react, he has not won nor have you done anything to tick him off or for him to associate a bad experience to grooming. When he calms back down begin again as though nothing happended. Then he still has not won. Eventually - hopefully -he'll learn it gets him nowhere.

      This is what has worked for me. I haven't been grooming that long so maybe some more experienced people can give you better advice. If you truly do not feel safe grooming the dog it is okay to tell them they need to go somewhere else.

      Do you have any good schnauzers to work on? Once you get the pattern and head down they're quick and easy grooms.

      Good luck with your little Cerberus. Hopefully he isn't in the mood for live meat today.

      Is he white by chance (Casper)? The white ones tend to have softer even wispy hair and show scissor marks more. Try dampening the brows and beard with a tiny bit of water before you make the cut. It'll hold the hair in place for a smoother line.