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  • Need Cat help QUICK!!!!

    I've got a cat in the shop this morning that was in a house fire and was next to the kerosene heater when it exploded in the is ok but is covered in kerosene, ash, smoke.....poor kitty! Does anyone have any good ideas on how to get this cat clean? I have dishwashing detergent, vinager, baking soda and of course all your regular shampoos. Trying to figure out what would work best. Thanks for all your help advance and I will post before and after pics later.....he is supposed to be an orange tabby but he is a gray mess at this point!in

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    Yikes! Poor pussin! I don't usually do it, but for the kerosene I might well just wash kitty in the dish detergent first to get it off. Then I'd give it a conditioner to put some moisture back into the coat since you'll be stripping out all the oils. I'd definitely put some EZ Safe drops in the eyes or something to protect them. Thank goodness the kitty wasn't burned. I bet he used up a life or two last night. Good luck!


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      Just guessing

      Since they use dish detergent on birds covered in oil from oil spills, that may be your best bet. You might also want to call poison control?? Kerosene is nasty stuff and I don't know what could happen to a kitty covered in it. I use it to clean my generator air filter, and I wear gloves. Poor kitty! Good luck!


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        I would use dish liquid followed by a regular shampoo and then conditioner. I hope kitty has also been seen by a vet!


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          The first thing I'd use is masa harina...corn flour. Work it in, brush it out. Corn starch would also work if you don't happen to have masa harina, which most people don't, LOL. It will absorb a lot of the oily residue and ash. Then I'd use a good degreasing shampoo or dish detergent. I wouldn't soak kitty in dish detergent, but if you use shampoo, soak her for a good 10 minutes before rinsing.

          I am, of course, assuming that kitty has been seen by a vet and the vet says she's ok for a bath.


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            I really have no idea. My first reaction would be to wash it off ASAP. I would call a vet and ask how to get it off. Kerosene is insoluable in water but potentailly fatal if ingested. Kitty should not be allowed to wash itself. maybe thy should get an e-collar for a few days to be on the safe side.

            You can desolve it in petroluem solvents but that isn't much help for kitty that I know of. I know when it has spilled on our clothing that item was essentailly trash. It doesn't come out in the wash no matter how many times you wash. Don't know about dry cleaning but that wouldn't help kitty anyway. I had read a long time ago that the first dry cleaning methods were discovered due to kerosone.

            Kerosene is used as a solvent sometimes so will really strip the oil from the cat's skin. If the vet said the cat's okay now they need to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't have a doozy skin irritation issue.

            Kerosene has a flashpoint of 100-160ish F* so airdry, after you figure out how to bathe, no heat. Most HV don't get to 100 if working properly but stand driers and kennel driers do. We usually do kennel dry cats on low with the hoses that hook to the door style cage driers.

            I guess I would ask the vet first. If I got no real good answer I'd wash several times with a stronger dilution shampoo until I couldn't smell it anymore then do a deep conditioning treatment. They should have the cat checked again. It could be prone to inhilation pneumonia from the incident and skin issues.


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              I have to agree with the dish soap on this one which I normally wouldn't use.use safe eyes or mineral oil in the eyes before washing.
              step one dawn or joy dish washing liquid either one should strip the fluid off of the cat,then a vinegar /water rinse to remove the residue the dish soap will leave behind then a normal pet shampoo as a final step dry and brush out..this is not going to be a happy kitty after all this bath time but it should do the trick to get the fuel off him.
              anytime you use dish soap to wash a pet it should be followed with a vinegar rinse,as it is formulated with a sheeting agent to repel water this is why it is so widely used for water wildlife rescues,but not good idea for dogs and cats as it does leave a waxy coating on the skin and fcoat which clogs the skin pores and hair follicles.


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                to everyone who tried to help....unfortunitly kitty was not so Did some research online and found that kerosene is a whole lot different as far as cleaning and dish detergent was not recomended, just a really good shampoo and then also the corn starch or corn meal. So I started with the regular shampoo, blueing to be exact because kitty had alot of white patches on her and it just seemed like the way to go....holy ****, wild kitty emerged from the tub!!! All claws and teeth, I guess she figured she had been through enough and wasn't having this. Fortunitly for me I have an awesome bathing system with good pressure and was able to stand just out of reach of crazy kitty and still get her pretty good, bad part was I couldn't lather her up by hand and wasn't going to take any chances on getting hurt since kitty was a stray 6 months ago and no vaccines that I know of.....I know stupid to take this project on with no shots but I felt bad for the cat and I'm the only one in town who does cats and assured the lady that I would only go as far as kitty would let me. So one good washing in the shampoo was as far as I got. Threw a towel over her to get her out then HV dryed her best I could through the wire crate.....poor kitty. Anyways, the fur was so stained and remains gray but the smell and the kerosene film was it wasn't pretty but at least now kitty is safe from ingesting kerosene. Thanks everyone!


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                  A safety note

                  If you use towels to dry kitty off and they have any kerosene residue in them DO NOT put them in the dryer. You are better off just throwing them away. Even after going through a washer, they can start on fire in your dryer. One of the correction centers I worked at, the inmates put kitchen grease rags in the dryer after washing and they started a fire. There were signs posted everywhere not to put them in the dryer but of course were ignored. Washing these types of rags or towels never gets the oils out completly.

                  Good luck with the kitty.


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                    glad it worked out for you and you didn't lose any body parts lol.. poor kitty.I'll keep what you used for later reference if I ever come across this.Glad dish soap is out of it. I hate using that stuff,I think I'll start stocking corn starch in my array of grooming odds and ends just in case.