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  • Media hype ain't helpin - OT

    Remember how we were all heaping scorn on the "reporter" who wrote that story about the dog's tongue being severed? Giving out false information and injecting his own personal opinion into the piece? Seems he isn't the only idiot out there who has access to media broadcasting methods. Whether you love snakes or hate em, whipping people into a frenzy over something like this is just...wrong. Honestly, an 11 ft python isnt capable of ingesting anything much larger than a housecat or small dog (not that THAT's ok or anything, just using it as an example). To say that this woman's life was in danger is ridiculous. And I LMAO watching the police and fire dept "rounding up" the offending reptile, like it was a bomb or a cobra or something....

    For the record, this is not an appropriate pet for everyone, but that's another thread entirely.

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    I just get a message saying that "this content is currently unavailable" - it could be because of my location though?
    I'm really just a little dog in a big dog's body (I really should cut down on those milk bones).


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      That was so ridiculous! Why didn't she just get out on the other side or wait for it ... wait for it...
      Move her car and call animal control. People are so ridiculous


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        Ughh....noting Network named in clip (not referring to comcast but the news network responsible for shooting the segment) ...'nuff said. Drama first, reality second or none. I really don't like that network but that is another matter. The local affiliate has said some really stupid things such as, '..a case of domestic violence gone too far.' Really? Just what line does one have to cross when domestic violence becomes 'too far.' Just what is acceptable? Yuck.

        I googled this story cause the anchor people in that clip were just silly..eaten. Jeez. She was in a car and the snake was outside? Maybe drive away, call animal control. Did she think it would rip her car apart? Good grief. The other stories on this I found said a guy on a bike rode up to a nearby fire station and told them the snake was in a neighborhood yard. No 911 call mentioned. The animal control guy featured in other clips said it was a friendly snake, probably an escaped pet.

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          I think it's a shame...

          that looks like a really sweet snake. We were called to help "rescue" a dog that was being held at bay by a large "vicious" snake. I'm glad they didn't kill her - she was a young burmese python that had escaped from a traveling circus-thingie. She was right at 11 feet, had an infection in her mouth (mouth rot) and was so malnourished! We cared for her for 3 months before the carnie people tried to claim her. They wanted us to give her back, but refused to reimburse us for any medical bills. Luckily, it was all worked out and they decided they could buy a new snake for what we spent to get her well.

          A friend still has her and she is living a great life compared to where she was.

          I love happy endings!!


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            omg that is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard.Like it wanted to eat her geesh.heck the snake prolly smelt the squirrel she ran over earlier that day and went to check it out lol..not really but it sounded good before I typed it lol


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              People amaze me. I couldnt see the video but I can only imagine. I used to rescue and rehabilitate large reptiles, I had a burmese python that i raised to be 12 feet long and 85 lbs. He was emaciated and dehydrated when I took him in at a year old. He lived to be 17 and just passed away last year on Xmas. Unless you know what you are doing you definitly shouldnt own a giant snake. While one that size can not possibly eat a person they could hug you pretty tight. Probably break some ribs and maybe suffocate you depending on your size.