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  • Holidays wreath

    OK, so I tend to be a pack-rat on some things... but this is just to simple NOT to share it if any of you feel the need to put one up. I was pitting it up this past sunday and thought... I should share this idea with all of you, just in case anyone else wants to make a very 'different' themed holiday eye catching decoration. (Several years ago we re-did our kitchen/dining room floor, I kept the piece of 1/4" plywood we used to kneel on when we installed the tiles and put it out in our garage.)
    A few years ago I was looking for an unusual idea for holiday decorations for the salon so I went out and grabbed this 4' piece of wood out and grabbed an old round tray... began tracing it (2 at each end) then straight lines between making a very large bone... Now I drilled lots of holes around the edges about 2 inches apart, then I painted it. I got three 6 foot long fake balsam fir tree string things at the dollar store, one set of light and began to attach the balsam fir drape ropes with twist ties (through the holes).
    I put a metal choke chain across the top to hang it by and A Bone Wreath! Technically one could make any shape but the bone is very eye catching, especially since it i in our front window.

    My customers love it, it cost me under $5 to make

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    ohh that is a cool idea.. thank you for sharing pics would be great


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      Yeah! Pictures Please!