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I can't find Blo-Pens anywhere

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  • I can't find Blo-Pens anywhere

    I have looked online and I cant find any blo-pens.
    Any other ideas? Avenues?
    I have heard they are being discontinued. Am I right?

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    wal mart has them...have you checked there?


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      Never mind, I use Yahoo as my search engine, so I used Google instead and found some Blo-pens and just ordered them. Hopefully they will get here before my poodle comes next week. I love your ideas of the different colors of polka dots )
      Sometimes you just need to be smarter than the computer LOL


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        I know you found some, but for the future...craft stores sell them. I get mine from Michaels, or AC Moore. I've seen them in Walmart too.


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          All I found at ONE of the Walmarts here in the KC area was the stencil kits with two Blo-Pens. Does anyone know if they have FULL packages of them?

          I was tempted, though, to buy the butterfly stencil with the turquoise and pink Blo-Pens.... I really want to start doing some coloring/stenciling.

          I have a Bichon client who would probably let me try it. This little dog belongs to the owner of the Tanning Salon next door to the vet's, and the family LOVES all the "foofy" stuff I've put on her so far....


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            Are these the same blo pens they had on that commercial for kids? I was wondering that. Also, do you use the same ink they come with? Are they washable and do they run out fast?

            Sorry do many questions! Has any one tried air brushing?


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              K9..The packs I seen at Walmart just the other day were in the office/school supply section. They were in a pack of 6, but they looked smaller than the ones I've gotten at the craft stores.

              Mary..I haven't seen the commercial, but more than likely they are the same things...I'll attach a pic. Yes, you use the ink that is in them, it washes out..sometimes it take a couple baths. As for running out fast...I guess if you did a large area they would. I've only used them for small things and can get a few uses out of them.
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                I saw the Blo Pens last night at Target and was amazed to see them there!


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                  I bought some today at Micheals. In the kids area with the washable markers/crayons. I got 10 colors for 8.50 The sales rep said they have a kit with pens and stencils that is being set out on the shelves in the next week. Don't know how much it was going to be under 15 she thought. I'm going to easterize my white cats!


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                    I just found some

                    I found a blo pen kit at Toys R Us. They didn't sell just the pens but the kit comes with a couple stencils.