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    Did you know that you are never ever supposed to cut a shih tzu's tail. This is according to a client that I had last week that sent me a letter in the mail. She told me that any good groomer knows that you never cut a shih tzu’s tail. She told me how disappointed in her pets groom she was. That she asked me to cut her dog short, shave his face and trim his ears if necessary and absolutely not to cut his tail. Well at least she got part of it correct except for the tail part of course.

    She except compensation for this horrible groom and she will never refer me to anyone. Here’s the best part. She says I expect compensation for this horrible groom and I don’t want a free groom. Why should I have to pay for the worst groom ever. “Not that is will make Bandits tail reappear”. No his tail wont reappear but it will re-grow
    Also that because I obviously don’t listen to what the owners want I won’t be in business very long.

    Unfortunately for this lady I'm sure she is running out of groomers in the area and eventually she will have to travel to find someone else to annoy. I just find it funny that in four years of having her pet groomed this is the first time she has had a bad groom (according to her) Well if this is true then how come you didn't go back to them and called me? What a nut job.

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    Good news!!!

    The more crazy irrational people and complaints you get, the busier you will be! I've heard it all too. Just sit back, enjoy and watch your client count grow. I read somewhere on an internet "review" site that I will be out of business in less than a year. Been over a year now ...... just waiting, waiting waiting ......... Still waiting .........


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      Toy Poodles Either....

      You are not EVER to trim the hair on a Toy Poodle's tail.

      I've groomed this little dog 4 times. Mom wants a fuzzy face, no poodle feet, no mention of anything poodle-y. Mom's never happy. On the 3 visit, she tells me no pom on the tail. Okay, so I do that. Next visit, I hear about the "Never trim a poodle's tail - EVER! He doesn't look like a poodle" Ooo-Kaaay then. She never really gives me any instruction other than to leave the tail. I figure I've got nothing to lose, she's never been happy with a groom yet. I gave the dog a clean face, feet, cute little TK and ringed the tail (didn't give it any shape). Mom LOOOOVES the groom, raves about how her little guy looks like a poodle. Next visit, I'm thinking we're good, we'll keep the look - WRONG! We're back to fuzzy face & feet and a big fluff of shapeless hair on his tail (I do take the thinners to the worst scragglies)
      "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go." ~Dr. Seuss


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        Well, if your client was so concerned about how a Shih was SUPPOSED to be groomed, then why did she have you cut ANY of it's hair????? Doesn't the breed standard call for a FULL COAT to the floor? LOL

        SOME PEOPLE!


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          You all don't know nothing, and you call yourselfs groomers, according to one of my customers, the only way to tell a Show Shih Tzue is by the WHITE strip (hair color literally) on its topnot!
          You can do any type of cut, but god forbid, you touch the white strip on its topnot. You must all be unedumacated!


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            I personally don't trim tails (or ears) unless its uneven from a previous groomer/home grooming, breed profile, or requested. But just because it's my opinion doesnt mean I'll rag on someone else for doing so! It's PET GROOMING. Hair grows back. It may take awhile, but it does! If she did specifically say not to trim it, that was an error on your part, but you shouldn't be crucified for it; mistakes happen and sometimes we forget, lol. There was one time our receptionist mixed up two goldens and I shaved the wrong one. I felt SO BAD! Hahaha. Owners reamed me up and down and I just took it because it was totally my fault. Nothing you can but do it better next time if you get the chance.
            There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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              I love the story about the poodle though. Just makes you think that some people will never be pleased and I'm sure not going to try. The sad part is that I know that Big M is right the busier you get the more crazy the people get. Not looking foward to that. I knew I should have kept me mouth shut the other day when I was bragging about how wonderful all my customers have been.


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                Tis the season I guess.

                Oh, and because you apparently didn't know that...I'll share another "never ever" with you.

                OES's....never, EVER cut the hair over their eyes.
                Back in the day (when I did them), heard this from every educated and responsible OES owner as they desperately attempted to untwist the pelted dog and hair from the seat-belt, only to have it get tangled in the car doorknob as the dog stumbled out of the vehicle landing on it's chin thing, because it's back legs had been woven together for 7 months.
                Occasionally, when I was examining the dog...I'd actually find a collar somewhere in there, and hear the owner proclaim... "oh, so that's where that went...been looking for it for months".

                Yeppers. Sure could distinguish my OES grooms...7 stripdown and a visor so long they tripped over it. J/K!

                Last Summer I groomed 2 Cocker's that could have passed for breathing ottomans they were so explodingly fat. They were first (and hopefully LAST) time clients.

                The woman called 2.5 MONTHS later...wanting to know if everything "went ok" w/ the grooming, as one dog wasn't acting right and upon taking him to the vet....was diagnosed w/ a back problem.
                She figured (and I am serious!) that the dog either jumped off my table, or was restrained inhumanely while here...and that resulted in the injury.
                She wanted compensation for the vet visit and a promise to take care of follow-up expenses from a Specialist. If not...she would "put the word out".

                I wasn't very professional in my response to her...I admit. Wrong person caught me on the wrong day w/ regard to the wrong matter. I used the word "extortion" alot, might have even thrown in "calling the cops", "nip this in the bud", and women's prisons that don't permit you to bring your Cocker-ottomans. I'll just leave it at that.

                It definitely makes me wonder....what, if anything, is going thru their heads when they say to themselves..."I'm gonna write that groomer a letter"..."I'm gonna call that groomer..."
                ["I'm gonna git me some MONEY, I'm gonna git me some MONEY....."]
                Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                  Falling off my bed laughing Sibes!!!

                  explodingly fat as ottoman, oes tripping on the chin due to rear legs being knotted together. Tangled in a seatbelt ......... thanks yet again!


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                    I'm so sorry 4sibes for your pain and suffering. You should have said you had back injurers from lifting her over stuffed ottomans on the table I’ll be sending you a bill LOL. Thanks for the good laugh I needed it.


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                      Originally posted by tmenne View Post
                      I'm so sorry 4sibes for your pain and suffering. You should have said you had back injurers from lifting her over stuffed ottomans on the table I’ll be sending you a bill LOL. Thanks for the good laugh I needed it.
                      TOO-SHAY!!!! [licks pointer finger, sticks it in air and makes a szzzzzz sound] Why didn't I think of that?'s not that far removed from the truth!

                      I forgot to are NEVER, EVER supposed to trim a Sibes tail...but I know some show people that do it all the time...shhhhhhh!
                      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                        Well, y'all would have had a hissy fit if you saw what I did to a Bichon tail today. Cut it down short (picture a carrot tail on a terrier) The poor dog had 2 big ugly hot spots chewed on his tail and the rest of the tail looked like a boat paddle. Solid matted. No way I was going to even attempt to pull on and demat an already tender sore tail. Looked OK, he got stripped down with a 7F anyways and a short teddy face. Mom couldnt care less what he looks like as long as he is clean and she doesnt have to brush him or pay to have him groomed but every 3-4 months.


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                          Originally posted by 4Sibes View Post
                          Last Summer I groomed 2 Cocker's that could have passed for breathing ottomans they were so explodingly fat. They were first (and hopefully LAST) time clients.]
                          OMG!! Thanks for the good laugh/cry! Reminds me of the I Love Lucy epi when Lucy was trying to hide her new furniture from Ricky and when he askes where the coffee table is she goes, "here coffee table, here coffee table!

                          Did you ignorant people also know that you're not supposed to express anal glands on a shih? I had a lady come into my rig to watch her dog being groomed. (took pics and everything-that'll teach me!) who educated me on that fact.


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                            What a freak. Out of all the ways to handle things... all she needs to do is say "please don't trim his tail next time" done deal. Why the need to be so dramatic?


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                              Well Renee thats because all PROFESSIONAL groomers know the shih tzu cut!!! When I informed this particular client that there is no shih tzu cut, they have full coats for show, she told me I didnt know what I was talking about because her previous groomer shows his shih tzus in the shih tzu cut. She was sketchy on details about the shih tzu cut but it sort of sounded like a 4 all over with a short round teddy bear head. Oh and they dont ever have fringes!!!