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  • HV or Stand Dryer?

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post, so hope I don't have it in the wrong section. Anyhow, I am learning grooming from someone that has been grooming for 40 years. She's wonderful, a good teacher and very patient, but she does poodles exclusively. I am going to be learning other breeds on my own through home study and friends pets, for hands on practice.

    So in setting up my own shop in my home, if I only can afford (for now) one dryer, which one do I get. I am thinking of doing small dogs, 40lbs or less, because of limited bathing facilities. So for Maltese, Yorkies, Shih Tzu, etc would you go with a stand dryer or an HV, something like the cc kool dry because it has the variable control or would I be okay with a stand dryer. Would the stand dryer blow out the coat the same way?

    Thanks guys, btw, I can't believe how much I have learned from reading posts on this site. What a wealth of knowledge and how helpful everyone is. So thanks for the other thousands of posts here.

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    I like having both. So many little guys don't like the forced air dryers-especially near the face. If you can only have one, tho, I'd go with the forced air. You can take the nozzle off and use it as a stand dryer if you get a clamp($19.99) and hook it on your table.
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      you really need both, but get the hv first. you can remove the nozzle off of it and it becomes an awkward fluff dryer.
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        Then get an HV but also buy a normal hand held hair dryer (the kind you use on your own hair). You can then buy an arm so it can stand at the table and be used hands free. I also am home based working mostly on small straight haired breeds and this is what I use and it works best. I choose both because you WILL get some poodles and you can not get the same quality with an HV. Also I do not like using a HV around the dogs face (they don't like it either) - that's when I use the hand dryer. As an extra tip I have both running at the same time while drying the body.

        I have a double K HV dryer. Never had a problem with it. And a Phillips hand dryer.
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          I prefer using the cool dry; the variable speed is perfect for different body parts as well as different textures, and it warms up nicely after a few minutes. I use it all day long in my mobile and love it.


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            All righty then

            Looks like the HV and the hand dryer for now. I have been using the hand dryer but not with a stand. The stand sounds like a good suggestion. So far the hand dryer is all that I have used and it doesn't quite allow me to get the curly poodles completely straight. Might be my technique. I got lots to work on.

            Thanks so much for your help,



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              Getting curly poodles straight won't happen over night. That has little to do with the dryer you are using. Practice practice and more practice and then when u think you got it, practice some more lol.
              Everybody has their own technique. I remember when I was learning (20 yrs ago) I would keep a water spray bottle at my side to spray out dried up curls to do them over.
              Now I brush the poodle up before I dry (with a slicker brush). Then half dry each limb quickly. My reasoning here is that I don't want another leg to dry up while I am working on the first leg. So I work in a circle going around the dog twice. This is just what works best for me. Every groomer who has mastered drying a poodle does it in their own way I am sure.

              Oh make sure with your hand dryer you can adjust the temperature. I had one where you could not and it was just too hot. Most of them have three or four settings - if it is burning your hand while you are brushing then you know it is too hot.
              I'm really just a little dog in a big dog's body (I really should cut down on those milk bones).


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                Looks like you got your answer ;-) I just wanted to say welcome


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                  Originally posted by workingchihuahua View Post
                  you really need both, but get the hv first. you can remove the nozzle off of it and it becomes an awkward fluff dryer.
                  LMAO! Aint it the truth. I wish I had space for a stand dryer....
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                    Chuck at Groomer's Helper has an awsome clamp you can use to turn your HV into a pretty effective stand dryer. I'd suggest you look into that.


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                      I managed for years without a stand dryer but I'm lost without my forced air I prefer the k9 brand dryers but for cost reason the metro master blaster is your best bet $308. is the standard going price