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H1N1 confirmed in US pets

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  • H1N1 confirmed in US pets

    Maybe I'm hearing about this late? Not sure, but here are some interesting articles I read tonight. Thought? Comments?

    (news clip)-->

    (Cat dies in Oregon)

    (Dogs infected in China)


    You know we can all say it's only a ONE death or a FEW isolated cases and this is a true statement, yes. And we here in America can easily contain our animals ...yadayada. What concerns me is the possibility of birds contracting the virus. What happens when ONE duck or ONE goose is infected? Ever seen a flock of geese in a pond? -birds being on the more likely to be infected list) It will spread positivity. THOSE animals cannot seek veterinary help last I checked and they don't wash their hands or cover their noses either. In fact one crapped on me a few years back in NJ. And say that ONE flock bird does get infected what happens WHEN those flocks migrate? (...not IF because there's no stopping migration). I'm no scientist, but I can connect the dots. Maybe now is the time for questions?

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    The American Veterinary Medical Association is tracking H1N1 in animals at this site: