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Chalking feet steps..?

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  • Chalking feet steps..?

    I have an Aussie and I do the show circuit. I am new to grooming but I would like to know what the steps for chalking the feet are. I pretty much know the basics but it always feels like Im missing something when I am finished! I have seen all of the other aussies feet looking fluffier and whiter so could you guys give me the steps?

    Thanks for the feedback,


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    After you wash the feet with a no rinse shampoo, you rub damp dry with a towel, then work in a texturizing product such as Kolestral or thicker n thicker, and then scrub the chalk in with your chalk brush, against the grain; working that hair up and out, getting the chalk into the skin and hair.
    Let dry, blow out the chalk, then spray a finisher over the top; brushing the hair up again before you do, to hold it in place.


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      I use Wella Kolestral. A tiny dab of cream in my palms, rub hands together to warm, thin, and spread the stuff, put it through the hair, use a very soft brush to pat the chalk into the hair, dry it, then use a stiffer brush to get any remaining excess powder out. A quick light mist of hairspray, especially if I'm after volume and not just color enhancement.


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        On a side note, when I use Kolestral, I do a light spray of water on my hands before I apply it. I use the concentrated stuff and makes it easier to apply.


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          I have used white clown make-up in the past. Follow with corn starch, brush it in well.

          I don't really like chalk. I think it's too drying.