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  • DERMagic

    I am reposting here, as I didn't get any responses in "supplies". I was just wondering any thoughts on this/these products. anyone use this/product? Here is a link I found
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    Sorry, haven't heard anything about them.


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      I used a sample of their salt scrub on a toy poodle. I really enjoyed it. Softened the coat, left a good smell, and rinsed easy (which may of been because it was a toy poodle and not a sheltie. LOL). Haven't tried any of their shampoos however. This is probably not much help but hopefully a tad.


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        Hope someone can help you. I have had samples sitting on my shelf since august. I never have tried them. They seem like they might be goos for a dog here or there, or for retail. They are ready to use, and not concentrated, just don't have a lot of use for that unless it is for a few dogs, that it really, really helps.
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