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Rottweiler almost got me

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  • Rottweiler almost got me

    Her name was Belle and she was 4 years old. Just in for a bath and nails. She was a big girl .. maybe 90lbs so I used the electric table to lift her up to get her into the tub. Everything was fine as I washed her and she seemed to be enjoying it. Then the water hit the back of her neck and I was reaching over her and I heard a small growl and quickly jumped back. A huge snap and she almost got me ... I wiped her head w/a wash cloth and got her out of the tub. The bath was done. No nails. Done. It took a bit now to get her out of the tub. We finally got a collar on her and put her on a leash so I could call the owner. She then mouthed the asst.'s hand and broke the skin -- it wasn't a bite but a warning. No answer from the owner cell phone -- they showed up 2 hours later. When the owners (both husband and wife showed up) I told them what happened. The woman then told me that she usually bathed her outside w/the hose and she doesn't like her head to get wet. HELLO ... wouldn't that have been valuable information to write on the form under any areas your dog doesn't like to be touch OR any other areas of CONCERN. So I charged her $60 for 1/2 a bath.

    I've owned a rotty and love the breed so after more investigation ... their dog rules the house. Obeys the father but runs the rest of the family...

    Won't be doing that dog again. What is it with owners and lying on the check in sheet. I swear, maybe 10% is probably true. Ugh.

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    I am glad no one was more seriously injured and good for you for charging them wha you did for withholding important information from you. You are lucky they paid it without putting up a fuss.


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      Glad you're okay!

      Dontcha just LOVE people like that? I do alot of really nice Pits, so when I got a call to do one a few weeks ago, I didn't hesitate. I asked all the usual questions, yes, he's nice, yes he minds well, no he's never bitten anyone, blah, blah, blah. I'm always on guard with the biggies regardless. Anyway, he was fine on the tub fine for nails, ears, ect. Dried his whole bod, but when I got to his shoulder he started attacking the air. Luckily, Dad came in and held him so I could finish. But why he didn't tell me the dog didn't like loud noises, I'll never know.


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        "She mouthed the assistant's hand and broke the skin. she didn't bite her, just gave a warning." OMG you sound like a defensive owner. If she broke the skin; she bit your assistant. I hope you sent her to the dr to get it checked. I was bathing a rottie I had done before; I had her lathered up, she was leaning out of the tub; I went to press her back, and she grabbed my arm with enough pressure to leave a nice bruise. I got her to let go, and put her in a crate still covered in shampoo. I called the owner to come get her, and put her on the banned dog list.
        I still did lots of rotties but not that one.


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          I'm glad no one was badly hurt. Owners who lie about their dogs' behavior, be it intentional or not, are not doing anyone any favors.

          however - she broke the skin? She bit your assistant. Growling, posturing, seeking escape, those are warnings. Putting teeth through skin is not warning, it's biting. Bad enough when it's a lap-sized dog. A Rott could have broken the bones in her hand rather than just a few blood vessels.


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            Asst showed me her hand

            I asked to see her hand because she told another worker that she got "scratched" by the dogs teeth. It was a scrape and she said it held her hand and she pulled and that is why it looked like a scrape. She kept saying she was fine ... it didn't hurt. It wasn't bleeding but definitely scraped it. I should have made sure it was cleaned and she had it checked out. I will be a little more diligent next time. I was more p***ed that they weren't answering the phone and had to know she wasn't a good candidate for grooming. It was also a HUGE struggle to get the dog in the crate. It took two of us -- we fed the leash thru a slat and pulled the dog in. Ridiculous. Like I said, I owned a rescue rott and he came to us not well behaved (snappy & growl y). We hired a trainer to help work w/him. He ended up being a great dog for the rest of his life.

            The worst biters we have had here have been those little dogs. Oh yea, and a Jack Russel at the end of a groom bit the groomer on the butt when he turned around. A real stinker.

            We have a daycare here so everyone is use to watching dog behavior and what is appropriate and what is not. We introduce new dogs into a pack everyday ... also everyone has to do trials w/new dogs. Everyone is trained on dog aggression, cut off signals, fear, etc. It is easier when you have two dogs to watch ... a bit harder when you are busy doing a groom as it tends to be a stressful environment in and of itself. I have to say that my groomer's helper has saved us from I can't even tell you how many situations that could have gone badly. It is a tool I wouldn't work without ... especially with a new, questionable dog.

            PS They are on sale at WAGS for $30 off ... incase anyone wants to get themself a Christmas gift.


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              Just because a dog breaks the skin doesn't mean it's a full bite, rather than a warning or inhibited bite. If a Rottie gets your hand in it's mouth and bites, you're going to lose a lot of blood, probably have a broken bone or two, and may require surgery.

              I've had more than my share of inhibited bites in my life. Some of them bled a little, but nothing really serious. No stitches or anything.

              I also had a couple of real bites. Both required immediate attention in the ER. The bite on my wrist required surgery, and the ones on my face required the work of a plastic surgeon.