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    I was wondering if there was anything you could substitute for ear cleaner? I am currently out and waiting for my order to come in.


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    I have heard of Listerine being used as an ear cleaner, and variety is ok. Also, the facial astrigent from Wal-Mart has been used. This may sting if the dog has any irritation in the ear, but it cleans well. Mineral oil or baby oil work too, but you must wipe the oil out really well so the hair around the ear doesn't get messy.



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      For over twenty years I have used a 50/50 mixture of witch hazel and wintergreen alcohol.
      It cleans the ears very well; and the witch hazel is very soothing and healing.
      I have groomed for vets for many years until this one; at several different hospitals, and they all liked this mixture, and thought it just fine to use.
      It doesn't leave an oily residue as some cleaners do, either.


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        On a temporary basis you could use an apple cider vinegar rinse with a bit of hydrogen peroxide. 40% vinegar, 10% peroxide, 50% water.


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          50% rubbing alcohol (I like the wintergreen one) and 50% hydrogen peroxide. I stuff a plastic box (like a gladware box) with cotton balls and pour the mix on top to drench them. Just squeeze one out when you need it.
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            I would call a vet before I put something into a dog's ear. Just my personal opinion.

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              In my grooming school, we used 50/50 white vinegar and water......cleaned the ears pretty good.

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                witch hazel is good for cleaning ears many natural ear cleansers contain witch hazel.Vinegar is not the best substitute as it is highly acidic and does not dry the ear canal as an alcohol mixture will .