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Disgusted in Lexington (Very graphic)

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  • Disgusted in Lexington (Very graphic)

    I tell you what I have never in my life seen a dog this disgusting and pitiful before in my life!

    A small little white poo, and such an angel...his name is Tiny. I apologize for not getting pictures I was too enraged and afterwards I didnt eve think about it.

    His owners brought him in this morning in a cute little santa outfit but he was a mess. His face (muzzle hair and topknot matted together, eyebugers the size of quarters) I was already ill just at first glance. The man went own of course to tell me how they rescued him from a drug dealer for $20. Then he apologised for the mess on his rear...said he got a lil on him when he pottied. Ok well the man himself wasnt the cleanest so I just say ok we'll take care of him...he was obviously a shavedown.

    I get Tiny into the grooming room and pull off his sweater and OMG....the fleas and the poor baby was covered in feces...he had a huge pile of sh*t stuck to the bottom of his tail and the hair on his this lil angel was able to even try to use the potty is beyond me. His other parts were also crusted over and I just now I'm boiling and I have nt even done anything for him yet. I grab clippers and shave off everything that did not have wet feces on it then I checked his ears...and well u can imagine. This baby actually had feces filling his ear canals...I start plucking out the clumps of hair w feces attached and I am getting just plain out now my husband is pissed as well. We finally get this baby in the tub...he was bathed 1st in flea meds, then a medicated. He had cuts and sores and rashing over approx 75% of his body...his rear just a big swollen infected sore. I called the local vet (who is also my vet and the poor babys vet as well). I take the dog to the vet to treat all the lacerations and sores...i didnt cut this dog amazingly the lacerations are my gues from his 1 1/2 inch nails...grrr!!! but anyway, the vet lets me bring him in on my account as a good samaritan and treats the baby with antibiotics, creams, and comfortis. I get back and finish my days work then call the man after all other clients have left to tell him Tiny was ready.

    The man gets here and believe me by this time I'm ready for him. I give him up the road...had the man sitting here in tears (bc he didnt think it was so bad...grrr!) I know I probably didnt handle this the best way but I couldnt have done anything else...I told the man what I found, that I took him to the vet, got him treatment, that if he was going to keep Tiny he needed to be groomed professionally every 4 weeks minimum, brushed and cleaned daily on all the sores. And to keep those areas dry. I told him that if he didnt bring him in every 4 wks that I would add an additional $50 to the total bill and that if Tiny came back looking even remotely like this again that I would have the humane society and the law here waitting on him when he returned!

    Anyway, the man apologized once he was able to stop crying, paid the grooming bill and the vet bill, tipped $20 and prescheduled for 4 weeks out...we'll see!

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    so did u determine he was fibbing

    about rescuing Tiny and that is why you were so stern?


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      Geeez, that's gross. Poor baby. At least the horrible one I had this past week only had a few bright red bugs, no horrible sores. Don't know how people don't realize how bad their own dog is?? How does that happen? Do they never put their hands on the dog or look at their faces?? I pick every little eyebooger out of my dogs all the time! They probably get tired of my doing it but just a tiny piece drives me crazy, can't imagine huge clumps and bugs and matts and....?? Ugh...just makes me so angry!


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        Let's hope

        Let's hope that's what his owner needed!

        Good for you - maybe this dog will be kept better now.

        (But don't you think his ears had wax or yeast in clumps, BTW?)


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          Well, this is probably not going to be a popular opinion and I really don't mean it to seem like I'm picking on you, but....

          I believe it was a bit forward of you to seek vet care for this dog without his permission unless you had cause the wounds. Not saying you did, I'm just sayin...

          I'm sure we've all seen dogs in this horrible condition and worse, but I honestly don't think it's our place to take a dog to a vet UNLESS it was an injury caused by grooming OR a health EMERGENCY! Now, this dog was in bad shape, but I dont' think he's condition could have been considered an emergency.

          Honestly, I don't mean to sound harsh, but I do feel we shouldn't take matters into our own hands like that. He should have been called when you discovered all that mess and informed the dog needed to be vetted. I know it's horrible to see dogs in that shape, but we can only do so much before it could be considered crossing the line.

          Just my 2 cents, popular or not


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            I'm with NeaNea on this. I know it's appalling to see a dog in that condition but if the man was in tears, I just can't believe he meant harm. Some people just don't realize the health consequences of their neglectfulness or how it hurts the dog. I try to work with these people first, work with them to get the dog the care it needs. Information is the best tool you have. Unfortunately, you may find he never comes back if he feels humiliated.... too bad. I'd rather give him a reasonable groom schedule of 8-12 weeks (if is seems like he can't afford it) than not at all.
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              ive seen quite a few dogs and cats in horrible condiotion in my 12 years of grooming and i would never take it upon myself to take them to the vet no matter how ticked off i was,its just not up to me,i believe with nea nea on this,its not our job to take them to the vet,we can report the abuse,or if it was a true emergency,maybe the owner couldnt care for the dog(which he shouldnt have a pet in the first place)but he wasnt clean himself and poster said he cried when he knew his dog was in this condiotion,im happy the dog feels so much better and thats what matters


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                Poor, poor doggie. I don't think you'll ever see him again. His owner is probably really embarassed, and by now, mad. Somehow they will turn it around and make it your fault.

                I think it's a fine balancing act to play with owners like this. I try not to chastise them, so that they come back, because I want to help the dog AND the owner. I suggest an 8, 10 or even 12 week schedule for them - it's more realistic. JMO


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                  I seriously doubt the dog had feces in his ears, ear mite "dirt", crusty wax, or yeast, but not feces.

                  I agree it was very ballsey on your part to just take this dog to the vet w/o the owners consent. I would have cleaned him up, explained everything to the owner, and given him a chance to take care of it.

                  I would be LIVID if someone took my dog to the vet under any circumstances (except serious injury, or life and death situation of course... you know what I am getting at). My dogs are almost equal to my kids, if I found out the school just decided to take my kids to the pediatrician w/o at least attempting to get ahold of me, sh** would be flying. I feel just as strongly about my dogs.

                  I hope you got through to the owner (new or not) and he takes better care of "Tiny"
                  If you sweat the small stuff, all you have is small soggy stuff.....


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                    thats what i thought at first but

                    Originally posted by Debbiedogs View Post
                    Let's hope that's what his owner needed!

                    Good for you - maybe this dog will be kept better now.

                    (But don't you think his ears had wax or yeast in clumps, BTW?)
                    The smell was very distinct...and it was honestly smeared all over. I'm thinkin mayb where hed been scratchin so much he was just spreadin it all over himself.


                    As far as me crossing the line... I think u r right, I knew it but I was almost afraid to give a bath w a flea product without consulting the vet his skin is just so raw...and the fleas absolutely had to be removed so I used my jugdement at the time and I did that puppy a favor... I feel like Tiny is probably gonna have his best nites sleep tonite than he's had n a very long time. I guess n this case where the guy goin on and on about the vet and all the treatments they were "tryin" bc of his allergy prob which was completely false, I guess I felt lie havin the vet back me by examining him would help reinforce the severity of the situation. I felt like one the vet is this guys regular vet and I honestly was afraid that if called the guy first then he would have came got the pup with no grooming or relief. I guess I'm more shocked that this guy comes every 8 wks or had been w the groomer that I bought the salon from and my first visit w him was like this... I just pray he'll keep up w the appt every 4 wks now


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                      He needs to keep this dog short, he does not need a monthly scheduale for this, every 10-12 weeks will be plenty to keep the dog short, and from getting matted (except for normal "dog knotts" as I call them).

                      I hope you didn't scare him away.
                      If you sweat the small stuff, all you have is small soggy stuff.....


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                        MSB, I totally understand your feelings on this, but still, we've got to remember we are GROOMERS, not humane officers.

                        As for using the "flea product", in North Carolina, it is ILLEGAL for us to USE pesticides (including flea products). We can not apply any pesticide to any animal without a proper license, which is required by state law. Even is someone ask's you to put THEIR frontline on the dog, you are not really supposed to do it.


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                          I am surprised at the number of “Monday Morning Quarterbacks”, who are sitting quietly, in the comforts of their homes, eating a warm breakfast and judging the wrongs of what Mrscornbread did to elevate Tiny’s suffering. No one here was in that situation, at that time, when emotions are high and the suffering higher.

                          Because other groomers, neighbors, family members DIDN’T give this guy “the talking to”, is how Tiny ended up in this condition. And to suggest that she will “scare him off”………well the other “give him a chance” groomers must have also scared him off, due to Tiny’s walk-in condition.

                          Regarding “I seriously doubt the dog had feces in his ears”, Mrscornbread identified it as feces, she could see and smell it. Don’t forget, dogs like to “roll” in anything that stinks, and if the head/ears have matted hair, then the possibility that feces stuck to this area is very high and with rolling, the feces entered the ear canal, no surprise there, except the guy left it in.

                          Regarding that Groomers are not humane officers. We are not paid to be officers, but we are on the front line making judgment calls on every dog that hits our table.

                          And “give him a chance to take care of it”……. reread how Tiny came into the salon.

                          I, for one, applaud you for your efforts and kindness to help Tiny.

                          Happy Stinky Ears

                          Dolly’s Barking Bubbles, LLC



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                            i groomed a cocker 2 weeks ago that i could barely get a #30 thru it and it had feces rolled up in his ears his ears were really long it was so gross


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                              I think you did what a lot of us would LIKE to do. You have more compassion for the dog than for the human, and I can understand that.

                              I definitely would have handled it differently. A lot of us would have handled it differently. But you weren't necessarily wrong either. Some people are more direct, and much more aggressive in such situations. The one thing I can say for sure is that I feel your heart was in the right place. You did what you thought was necessary for the well-being of the animal, and I can only hope that you made a difference not only to improve the life of the dog, but also to at least make the human more aware in the future.

                              People will get over it. What's done is done. Right or wrong, you got your message across. Just please do take into consideration what some others said on here, and maybe be a little more careful with how you deal with the owner from now on. You will catch more flies with honey... and all that.

                              Still... (shhh... but... high five!!!)