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  • Is this a bad idea?

    Okay so I was thinking and looking at my empty retail area and I started thinking about how to fill it.

    So what if I put out a call to creative talented people in my city who can make items for dogs and dog lovers, like clothes, homemade treats, home decorating stuff, you know anytype of unique cutsey items and I tell them they can sell them on consignment in my boutique. I already advertise the boutique along with the shop and could also make the items available for purchase though my online shop. Would this be a good or bad idea for filling an empty retail area? And if it is a good one then what type of agreement should I have with the people who sale items in the boutique? Like they set there price but the store takes a precentage of everysale or how would that best work. Ofcourse the items would have to be high quality and safe but aside from the approval of an item factor what do you guys think? Am I being stupid here?

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    you'll need a real tight sytem for keeping track, number codes for each 'dealer' time to make sure nothing is stolena nd if it is who pays,or looses the worth of the item. if your insurance covers it ,i'm sure someone can fill in more, but it can work if you have a good agreement in writing,might just bring in someone who needs your services. oh and at least 10% to you, depending on how much space is used, large items would have to be higher.
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      sounds like a big headache in waiting

      too much to track. keep it simple is what works best in my experience. imagine all the little troubles that can arise. sell your stuff, not others. find out what sells and concentrate on that.
      concentrate on getting the grooming busy, then seguay into other areas.

      but like i said before, your shop is a jewel!


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        I love to showcase local talent. I have bought vest/harnesses from one lady and just put up a sign and sample from another. Unfortunately neither sells well, but I guess it's the effort that counts. I am a bad business person in the sense that I'm not out to make a buck, but rather, offer my clients a quality product and help the local tradespeople.


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          I have it on here somewhere... I shared how I did this years ago at another salon I owned! What I did was contact the local 'retirement' homes and such. Old people are so very very creative and caring... plus they are happy to be doing something AND they really put their love into it!

          What I suggest you do is simple enough.. what I did, get a standard lease from any local paper/business supply store. If you need to make copies, then do it. Each person (or groups of 2 if they so chose) would sign a lease, using their 'business' name I had simple cards made to show 'who' was selling that month. I had the coolest stuff! all hand made, sweaters, dog beds, water dish holders, toys, ornaments, you name it.. they made it. I made it a 'lease this space' agreement AND included that they were leasing the space (write it down to designate how much space, when etc...) and I charged them a whole dollar a month!
          IT was not about the money I made, but rather that my customers loved the idea! All I needed to do was make sure anything bought was either cash or check (made out to the sellers of course) and in the lease agreement I had it that they were responsible for any & all sales tax.. I was merely putting their (money/checks) in envelopes and they were responsible for picking them up.
          What it did for my business was great.. it showed I cared not only about my pets but about the elderly. They were happy to have a mission/work to do, appreciated the little money they made but mostly... I really had very little to do. They did all their setting up, I did bring in shelves I thought looked nice, they came in to set things up, collect their money, restock and often customers got to meet them.. it was a lovely arrangement!