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    This is for all you business owners. How did you get your web sites? I have looked at almost everyone who has a link to their business on this message board. I am very impressed by your sites. It looks like a lot of work went into some of these. If you did it yourself what kind of builder did you use? Did anyone fine it didn't really bring new business to you.

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    I have a friend who is building mine at no cost. She told me to go to to register the site name when I decide on a name.
    You can build a simple one with Microsoft Publisher or a print shop type program.


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      I had a local guy do mine for me. I just wrote up some stuff that I wanted on there. He did it for a reasonable price too. I took pictures and he put them on there. I change it every now and then by changing the pictures or newsletter type stuff. I just email him what I want and it is usually done that day. I find it very easy.


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        Mine is through Yahoo Geocities. Very easy and inexpensive.


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          I used Yahoo webhosting. Costs me $12 a month. And I just used the yahoo sitebuilder program and did the pages myself. I bought graphics from recyclebin graphics..she's got some really cute stuff, and does custom work too. I usually change things around on my site with the seasons, and try to add new pics as often as I can...when I remember to take new pics that is.
          I've gotten some people from having a website. I have the addy in my yellow page ad, my biz cards, and I give new customers that call the addy so they can check it out.


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            I built mine myself with Frontpage and use total choice hosting, $5 per month. Plenty of everything.

            I also buy my custom graphics from Recycle Bin Graphics.

            I get lots of clients from my site. They tend to be the best because pretty much everything is layed out, they can see what I do, what the costs are and don't seem to have too many questions!


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              my son in law did mine. it cost me dinner.
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                I groom a friend's dog and she does my site for free. He's an Aussie, so it's not a very involved groom. She told me to go to and then she used Microsoft Office (or maybe it was Publisher...not sure). Anyway, the thing that annoyed me the most was that I'd take pictures 2-3 times a week, and either she didn't put them up fast enough, or I'd wait to give her a big load, so we solved that by having her put a link up to a google web album that I can add pics to whenever I want and they're put on immediately.

                I've gotten quite a few customers who said they just did a search on the web to get me. Or who found me in the yellow pages, or somewhere else, then looked online. It's nice cause it gives them a look into the salon without having to cart themselves over there. Plus they can see the dogs I've groomed. Like Jen said, it gives them all the information, etc.

                I love having a site, so do my customers. They love going to see pics of my baby and their babies. Plus I think it's very modern to have one.
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                  web sites

                  Yep, same here. My web site is one of my best things I have done. almost all of all my new clients see my web site first. They love it.

                  I like lots of photos, so my web site has lots of photos. I prefer to show off my work, and let people see "what goes on behind closed doors"

                  I use Go Daddy for domain and hosting, and I use Web Site Tonight, their web builder. But, I prefer the old 2.7 builder, so I have a lot more choices for colors...just me I guess. the 3.0 just didn't do it for me.

                  One nice thing about GoDaddy...they also have the .mobi for mobile devices.

                  The one thing you have to understand, building a web site is easy, but having it picked up by the search engines can be problematic if your meta tags and keywords are lacking. It's kind of like, having business cards but not passing them out.


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                    My husband did mine and I have told people before he has the time to do others if anyone needs help. Just email me. He is working on updating it a little more right now. It looks a little plain to me. And I am not crazy about some of my colors. I am taking a photo shoot of my poodle in the big Blue Bonnet field and can't wait to ad those pics. So I will let ya'll know when it's all ready again lol. But I used yahoo to get domain and hosting. You get a free email set like
                    melissa @the with yahoo


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                      Webdesign is the beginning

                      Azoci is right- having a website is great, but the right design company can get you the placement with the search engines. If you look at my site, the designer is at the bottom of the home page and they are very reasonable. She put the hit counter up about a month or two ago to give you an idea about the traffic I'm getting- over 500 so far! She sends me hit reports too, so I can see where the traffic is coming from.

                      She also does online stores, ecommerce, etc.

                      Check us out at



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                        the spotless hound that is a cute name.


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                          network solutions is who we use. Very easy to build your site and great tech support.

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                            DH does mine using a program called ez-generator (its great being married to a computer guru )
                            hes got all sortsa stuff on there, including a shop & webcounter (we get average 5,000 hits a month now) & he can look & see where people are veiwing from plus what windows version there using, what browser there using,ie 7, firefox etc, what contry there from, ip address, what they looked at on the website, search terms they used & the colour of there underpants....(I think he was kidding about that last one....???)


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                              Hits vs Pageviews

                              Most people think that a "hit" means a visitor coming to a web site. It doesn't at all.

                              What is important is pageviews.

                              Let's say it takes 25 files (photos, graphic art, text) assembled together to make your "home page". For example, it takes 75 files assembled together to make the page you are now looking at.

                              That means when ONE visitor comes to your home page, you get 25 hits. See how misleading? Hits are meaningless.

                              Instead, look for pageview statistics first. How many times was your home page displayed? Then check the same for other pages. Most stat programs will tell you unique visitors etc too. Hits, who cares?

                              Now you can be very cool and say, "How many pageviews are we getting?"
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