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Difference between people and pet probiotics

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  • Difference between people and pet probiotics

    I have been using a probiotic from the health food store for my kitty with bowel issues and the vet says it may not be the same as the one made for kitties.

    Has anyone ever compared the two and know if there is a difference?

    Has anyone ever tried liquid aloe vera for cats digestive issues?

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    To be honest I don't think there is a big difference. I supplemented my cats raw food with people probiotics for a couple of years as recommended by my vet.

    I have now whiched to Probios. It is for animals. Mainly because it comes in a 5 lbs powder form and is easier to use. I buy it from Revival Animal on line.

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      I don't know about kitties, but the dogs ones are pretty similar. The dogs ones actually contain more different types of beneficial bacteria than the human ones. I did have more luck in feeding the dog ones, it also called for a lot more, so I'm sure that is why. They were also about the same price, so now I just get the dogs ones. I get the Probios brand, I buy it @ the petsomething I work at.
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        I used to give my dog human probiotics (acidophilus pearls), and they gave him TERRIBLE gas. I've never used probiotics myself, so I don't know if that is normal or if it was his digestive system reacting to a not-quite-suited product.

        My gut reaction (har!) is that a cat-specific product might be the best choice, simply because cats have more specific dietary needs than humans or dogs.


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          Read the label

          Read that teensy print that defines all the "lactobacillus whatevers" and "bifida whatchamacallums" and compare them with ones especially for cats (usually you can find the actual specific bacterium label online).

          I have used infant's blend from Dr. Udo ( for my dog, and she seems fine. However, there is something else to be aware of that I have been told - the probiotics that need refrigeration are the best ones, not those dried powders that DON'T require refrigeration. So while some pets may do okay on the room temperature ones, the more potent ones need to be refrigerated, and if your pet needs the most potent form, you'll have to get the refrigerated kind.

          I actually had a room-temp powder type for my dog at one point, but she did not do as well on it, so that's when I found out about the difference. The cold type seem to have several more types of all the intestinal/digestive bacteria.


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            I found out the difference!!!!!

            About 30+ bucks at the vets more than the childrens version from the health food store.

            All the same ingredients except the one fromthe vet has more 2 billion more active cultures.

            I always buy the kind that go in the fridge.

            I am going to have to check online cause 50+ bucks when I can't even be sure he'll be the one to eat it with five cats around isn't going to work cause I just give some to them all.