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Update on problems with trimming the nails of a mini pin

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  • Update on problems with trimming the nails of a mini pin

    Not sure if you guys remember but back in October, I wrote about the trouble with trimming a mini pins nails...well Boo Boo came back in this morning...and hes already done and I have no bettle scars...YAY!!!

    Her vet told her that theyd have to put him to sleep to trim his

    But after his hubby bathes for me so he wore him down a bit in the tub...then straight to the table...he had him still in a I thought when the kids were babies I always wrapped them tight in a I wrapped him in a towel tightly...then one foot at a time...and got it done!!!

    It was great!

    And the mini pin from Hades turned into a lil angel b4 my eyes!!!

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    Yay! Min pins are stubborn little critters, but they can be worked with. That's how we started with my sister's rescue boy, wrapping him in a towel and doing one foot at a time. He is much better for it now, no more towel, but she still holds him like a baby. Congrats on having figured him out! I'm sure he was even happier than you about it!