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My Dogs Suddeenly Have Sour Faces

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  • My Dogs Suddeenly Have Sour Faces

    I switched to Nutro Max lamb and rice about a mo. ago or three weeks. I noticed recently all three smell like drooley sour beards. You know that smell....almost vinegary, bile or vomit. The whole kitchen and my bedroom stink! I bated 2 of the three last Sunday in my bath tub in the house....not the good mobile way. LOL

    Do you think it has anything to do with the food? I sprayed beards with Best Shot ONE SHOT minty waterless but wet spray. Now minty and stink mixed.

    I can't stand this odor! WTHeck?

    And I have lots left from the 35lb bag. was hoping good nutrition at affordable price. I prefer the fishy Orijen smell to this. BTW the dogs are not all that old and teeth not that bad. Tho' placlenz is needed.
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    Funny that you mention it. My dogs have always been Nutros dogs-my oldest is 11 and started on Nutros for Puppies. But I noticed that my last bag has a strong odor to it, I can smell it in the bowl on the floor! It is not a spoiled smell, just a strong dog food odor. My dogs are eating it like it tastes fine, no vomiting or diarrea and there have not been any recalls on it that I can find. I wonder if they have changed the formula...?? Anyone else?


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      It's not the food in particular, it's the lamb. I don't know what it is about lamb, but some dogs just stink after they eat it. My sister can't feed her min pin lamb, or he just gets this funky body odor that won't quit, even if you bathe him every day. A Nutro rep told me that it happens. My roomie's rottie is the same way, feed her lamb a while and she just reeks. Switch off the lamb to something else and I'm betting you'll find the smell goes away too. Good luck!


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        Geee, glad I asked!

        I couldn't figure it out. Smells almost like they threw up vomit or bile. The beds really stink this morning but no sign of vomit. Wish I could talk to the guy who sold it to me ! This is a BIG bag. I want an exchange , but now I hope that won't cause soft poops. I recall, my former dogs ate this too, and my family would say to them, "Go away, you stink." They were older then, so I figured it was teeth tarter or something.

        The things one can learn here are amazing. Thank you for answering me. I'm going to sniff the bowls now. sales man also said put in micro and heat up w/water or not, it heats the fats and they like that. Noooo, I don't think I will do that. I don't want the stuff now.


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          I fed my dogs lamb based food for years, no extra stinky on any of them. I can't speak for Nutro as I have never or will never feed it, too many allergens and fillers, also too many times on that recall list, even lately. The only problem I have ever had w/ lamb based foods was it gave one of my danes gas, and it doesn't contain enough fats to keep their skin from getting dry. I would say if your dogs are getting an odor after switching foods then it is an allergy to something in the food. Yes, it could be they are allergic to lamb, it would be more likely they are allergic to the corn and wheat products that are pretty prominent in the food. I would keep that bag just long enough to use it to gradually switch over to a new food, to avoid tummy upset, then take what is left back. I think if there is anything left in the bag, they will give you a refund. Seem so weird, I go through a 30lb bag in about 12 days, after 3 weeks I would have gone through 2! I forget how little "normal sized" dogs eat!
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            If you really want a good natural dog food , You may want to consider Innova all natural dog food. They have a wide variety and list the ingredients so you know what you are feeding your dogs the cost may be a tad more than Nutro max however my dogs love this stuff and eat much less of it. to compare products here are links to both brands

            Find the right natural dog food or natural cat food for your pet as well as useful information for caring for your pet while prioritizing their nutrition.

            you will see the difference when it comes to ingredient listing Innova not only contains meat but it also contains real veggies and fruit


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              Originally posted by pooh13 View Post
              If you really want a good natural dog food , You may want to consider Innova all natural dog food.

              I second this! Also if your dogs are okay with Oatmeal, the company that makes Innova makes a brand called Healthwise, lower cost but still a quality diet.