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  • Anal gland question

    So, today I had a new client, who is also a vet student, call and book her yorkie for next week. I do anals only upon request, and she asked. I explained that if requested, I do them externally.

    She said her previous groomer, who groomed at a vet office, did them internally and why didn't I? I explained that I leave the inside of the dog for the vet, and that I would never want anything I did to be construed as practicing veterinary medicine without a license. So she wondered why the other groomer could do them this way?

    I had no idea, and wondered if maybe it was because they were working under a vet? I know there are a few vet groomers here who could enlighten me.....

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    I think it depends on where your located and your comfort level of doing the anal glands. I am a vet tech and was taught how to do them. Most vets I know, would rather have the techs do it. When I started grooming I never realized a lot of groomers in my area did them externally. Which is fine but sometimes they don't get expressed all the way either. If your not comfortable doing them internally then don't. I only do the glands if the dog is scooting or licking and I charge extra. Most people don't want it done when they realize its extra and then they ask why and I go through the whole explaination on how I express the glands. I think it comes done to experience and comfort level. Hope this helps.


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      I groom out of a vet clinic, but my boss lets me make all my own decisions. I also do AG mostly on request (I usually check them on the little dogs and express them if they express easily) but never internally. I have never been trained to that and I don't care to. I'm a groomer, not a vet or a tech, so I only deal with the outside of the dog! I will tell clients that I will do them as long as they express easily and ask them if I can't do them would they like me to have the vet do them internally. I don't think our vet techs even do them. Also, if I can do them externally I don't charge extra but if the vet needs to do the internally they do charge extra.


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        For me, it is a liability issue. Should something happen to the dog, (not that I would ever expect something to happen due to gland expression) there is higher chance of being sued and losing from any internal procedure than external.

        I have been taught to do them both ways, but feel that internal expression is best done within a vet clinic.

        Plus I don't want the expense of having to buy gloves and lubricant to groom dogs.


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          I suspect it was because the other groomer worked for a vet. In some states it would not be legal for a groomer to do internal expression if they weren't working for a vet. In others, you could probably get away with it for the time being, but I foresee a time when that will no longer be true.

          Internal expression isn't brain surgery. Most people can learn to do it, and do it safely. It's just one of those gray areas that's open to a judge's interpritation of the law.


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            Once again, check with your vet, it's illegal internally and externally, unless you are working IN a vet's office. Yea!


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              Myself and a few others here...don't do anal glands at all. Just not something for me...and I make everyone aware. If they blow them why I am be it but I am not expressing.