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  • 5-4-3-2-1.5-1.4....

    ALMOST open!!!!!!!!!!! After the 4hour wait-turned- into- 6hours-for-the phone-guy drama, I have the phone number for the business cards; the electricity, the flooring,tub,table, on and on... and even the signed lease (and let's not forget all of the pizza in my belly from the pizza place next door) i am about to open my shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am actually very excited, and will book clients for the following week (still need the plumber to attach the final pipe for permit purposes, and the sign hung up. Details. OH YEAH, and the counter..... I am ready to go.

    The shop is purple (a bit Barney -like but will tone done once the 'stuff' is all installed and brought in). I like bold colors.

    So, aside from a few details (actually lots of details) that will be attended to next week..... i launch during the holiday season.

    WHEW...... thanks for everyone's input and suggestions.

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    Congrats and good luck! I sure know how you feel! Just finished mine week ago. Still lots of odds and ends need finishing. I'll get there sooner or later......
    You need to post pics soon as you can!


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      Congrats and PICTURES. Purple is my favorite my walls are lavender of course. I want to paint my tub that possible?


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        i think you need special porcelain paint but i don't know if it will scratch off. you may have an easier time painting the otside w/porcelain paint. now adays there are products fro almost everything. don't forget to check the toxicity for pets.. good ,uck to you too


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          How exciting have fun.... Good luck

          Your count down reminds me of my kids on christmas eve, or when they know we are going somewhere, like Disneyland very cute
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          If you sweat the small stuff, all you have is small soggy stuff.....


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            Congratulations!!! We are about a week and half from opening. We hit a snag with the delivery of our flooring that put us a half a week back. We have a lavendar color on our walls too. LOL. Good luck!! I hope all goes well for you.


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              Originally posted by petloverx View Post
              Congrats and PICTURES. Purple is my favorite my walls are lavender of course. I want to paint my tub that possible?

              I actually had my tub sprayed with that spray-in bedliner you do the bed of pickups with. It comes in all sorts of different colors and has held up quite well.