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whats on your christmas wish list

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  • whats on your christmas wish list

    i really dont know whats on mine,hubby on the other hand has quite a large one,i dont need clothes or tools(id rather pick those out myself)dont need anymore pets,but i was thinking that lately ive had some deep lines in between my eyebrows,and small lines under my eyes,im really thinking of asking santa for a gift certificate,to get restalyn,it would just make me feel better about myself has anyone used this or recommend a better product out there,ive tried botox didnt like that at all didnt seem like it did much help either,oh and i can always use socks so i hope i get some socks

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    Im getting a better present than I dared hope for - my mom is coming for Christmas! So Ill have the whole family at my new house! Thats all I need!
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      I've asked for a Clarisonic Skincare Brush to help get rid of any pet hairs that get stuck in my skin.

      My husband got the TV he wanted, so if I don't get that gift, which is like 1/10th the price of what he got, I'm going to punt a gnome!


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        I honestly don't want anything

        Nothing you can buy. I just want to be with friends and family, and have better health or maintain what I have. I also hope for a good steady business income for years to come so I can keep my house.

        This year, I have a new awesome friend. He insists on fixing many things for me for free from my computer to sprinklers. He is even putting up his extra Christmas lights for me tomorrow morning. Checks my sprinkler timer, replaced heater filters, and does most all his own home repairs. He is like the son I never had. He is handsome, married and I kinda have a healthy crush on him. Ok with his darling wife.LOL He is a wonderful gift.

        I am actually having fun giving this year. I am getting donations for the homeless and they need shoes. One client gave me barely used Ralph Lauren Polo topsiders mens' shoes. They musta cost a bunch. Homeless need nice shoes to look for jobs.


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          Christmas wishes...

          I really just want a few days away to re-connect with my hubby! Life gets so busy and we all get crushed under responsibility and schedules. Ahhhh - a few dog-hair-less days of R&R is at the top of my list!!!


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            On the fun side, I would love to get a pink netbook. On the serious side, I just really want to get caught up on my finances and start the new year on a good financial base.
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