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  • 4sibes xmas avatar

    by far, this is my favorite of her avatar's.
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    Yeah. It was a barrel of laughs to pull off too. Not.
    Don't get me wrong...they really like each other, but not when crammed onto a lil couch together.
    At least I didn't post the one where they were all snarls at each other! Punks.
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      very cute,wish i could put an avatar up but my computer skills are lacking maybe some day so you all can see my pets and fosters,oh yeah and the 2 legged family too


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        Awww, I love the Sibes...had a couple in my fact, my first registered, payed-for purebred was and white with bi-eyes...and I was a mere 17. But, BOY, was she a monster to groom!