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My Eyes Need New Glasses.....

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  • My Eyes Need New Glasses.....

    anyone ever get an eye glass presc from Costco? The upgraded membership ($50 more) gives money back bonuses for dollars spent. I need new readers to see those tiny toe nails, and distance
    to see stret signs easier. Cost seems a good deal.

    My hairderessers', husband is a very good eye doc who does surgeries etc but no doubt quite pricey without insurance. No, OTC readers don't work well for me.

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    I don't know if this is allowed on the boards, so I pm-ed jenneversage, but I thought I'd try to post the private message, as maybe with how things are, it could help someone else. Here's what I wrote- please let me know if part/all needs to be pm-ed because of the links. I don't wanna seem like an advertisement, but I'm enthusiastic about this. Thanks.

    I'm pm-ing you because I don't know that it's okay to post links for businesses in the forums. I am an eyeglass wearer, and have spent tons of money buying glasses at my optician's office. I also had a great experience with Costco, and with it being less expensive it was good. I had no problem getting my insurance to reimburse me either (costco won't do it themselves) but I found something even better.

    There is a guy online (go to who discovered that you can order glasses online for much cheaper, and after spending thousands of dollars on glasses, it is now his goal in life to show people. His website has tons of links to sites that sell prescription glasses, as well as forums with info about sizing frames and deciphering RXs. I figured I would try it, and was pretty sceptical.

    I ordered from after seeing them on the glassy eyes blog and got my glasses on about two weeks. I just measured some frames I had that fit well, and used those numbers to pick some that were similar. I bought to pairs of glasses for about $50. I was thrilled. They were exactly the same as the ones that I had that cost $300, and I didn't have to be scared to death of getting them scratched. I wear my glasses while I groom now.

    All the sites on the glassy eyes website vary in price from $8-maybe $150 depending on the type of lens and the prescription you get. There are also a ton of coupons on there. Overall they're much cheaper than anywhere else, even walmart, and in my experience quality doesn't suffer.

    I couldn't believe what I'd found, and I tell everyone now Hope this helps. With how the economy is, it helps to save money, and eyeglasses can be extremely expensive. Before this I had broken my glasses and held off on new ones (which I really did need) because of the cost.



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      s up for Costco lenses.

      I have had great luck with Costco glasses. Lenses are ground precisely. Only problem is that I am picky about frames and can't always find ones I like. Keep looking at the frames week after week, they change almost daily.


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        Thanks to bith of you

        I just need a good exam, which they do affordably. I need good RX reading glasses to see when I come here. later, a nice distance RX for driving in sunglasses to see street signs better. $40 lowest for frams, and I could care less how they look. Use them mostly at home.