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Clients being more generous this season.

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  • Clients being more generous this season.

    Just wondering how it is across the country. Here at my shop, it seems like the clientele is being a bit more generous tip and gift wise this season than last year. Overall number of grooming services completed and prebooking is stronger too. I hope I am not jinxing it, because it has been a tough but fruitful year and I wish all a financially rewarding end of year!

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    My dog walking and grooming client gave me a two week advance and paid holidays in case I wanted to start my Christmas shopping.

    Nicest women and most grateful client I've met in a while


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      I usually don't get gifts until the last week or so before the Holiday, but I got a Christmas tip this week . I have a lot of really good tippers all year long, so don't always get much extra at Christmas, but some do tip extra and bring me goodies...I think it is funny that I am getting calls from people wanting to get in anytime between now and Christmas...happy to book them early!


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        That is AWESOME dogdaze and winteroo!!!

        We too winteroo have been getting early gifts and tips this year! It sure is nice to be recognized for a year of hard work by the clients. Makes it all feel like it has gone full cycle!!!


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          Business is down right now, but our recurring customers are keeping us afloat. I do a standard poodle in Pensacola Beach, the dog's owner is so nice to me and the hubby when we visit. They were out of town when we came to do their dog last week, but their housesitter passed on the payment for the groom AND a Christmas card with three gift cards from Publix inside, enough to pay for our Christmas dinner!

          Thankfully the bookings pick up later in the month. We just sent out our batch of holiday cards to our customers, maybe it will cause a few customers sitting on the fence to give us a call and make a holiday appointment. (I hope)

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            Have gotten some great tips this week-from normal tippers giving larger tips, and non tippers giving me my yearly thank-you. My best tippers are yet to come. Will be a good year.
            Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

            Groom on!!!


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              I can't believe the tips I've gotten this week. Not just very nice gifts but very generous monetary tips as well. I am blessed. Very sweet little avatar, too Big M--by the way!
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                We have a few clients that tip, but the percentage is a only about 5% of our clients.
                It's just not done around here. We've received 2 nice gifts in the last 2 weeks, but that's about it. I find that if the hubby picks up the dog (or cat) that there isn't a tip, but if the wife picks them up, there is. I often wonder if the man never tips at a restaurant.

                At least we're busy, that's all that matters right now.

                Oh, and we give all our customers small gifts at Christmas. We always give calendars (they're very nice full color, made at a disabled workshop), and usually something practical - this year refrigerator magnets with dog/cat CPR instructions on them.


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                  I have gotten several tips & gifts so far, but they have been smaller than last year. A lot of the folks who gave me a $20 or more last year are now giving a $10 and apologizing that they dont have more. Times are tough for a lot of people now...

                  The way the unemployment is, I am surprised and appreciative of any tip or simply the fact that they are using my services and keeping ME from being unemployed.

                  My bigger tippers and gift givers are usually closer to Christmas but I think this year as a whole will be a smaller year.