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Did you ever start to worry...

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  • Did you ever start to worry...

    The first 3 weeks have been great as I have heard openings go but since this my first grooming "gig" I worry if I am doing a good enough job. I know it is too early for returns BUT... were the first customers happy enough to recommend me? The Vet I work for is happy. I just hope things continue to go well.

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    Can you do follow-up calls to see how they like everything?

    Are you not there when they pick up to ask how they like it?


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      There will be many people who will never return.

      But then a slow trickle of people that you will refer lovingly as your 'regulars' will form.

      I go through my client cards every year and put the inactive in over a year ones in a sepearte box...I now about 2000+ that stopped coming...the funny thing is majority of them either went somewhere closer to their homes, dogs were 13+yrs older or nasty, matted, pooping horrid things I am GLAD never returned!!

      When i first started so many only came once and fell off the earth Just keep working on the dog in front of you, do the BEST job you can do and be nice. The rest will fall in place.