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Is This A Business Scam?

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  • Is This A Business Scam?

    I sure could use a business loan. I have had a few messages left on my business phone about some Gov program for free money for businesses. Some seminar, but free. I deleted it without listening. I have seen the odd guy with the Question mark suit also saying lots of ree money out there. has anyone done this? Is it a scam? Did I see something here about business $ assistance? I figure there must be a lot of forms to fill out to qualify.

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    Free??? Nothing is free it always comes with a price.


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      There are legit programs that give loans for businesses but they are very hard to find, and even harder to find now because of the economy. Do Not fall for the emails that send you half-assed information on obtaining these loans and/or grants. Also, don't fall for the commercials doing the same thing. It's all a load of ****!This is a come-on to get you to click their link so they can sell you their so-called free information/book ,etc. I know from 1st hand experience and am ashamed to say so, but if it keeps you or someone else from falling for these bogus ads and helps save money on your end, then my experience was worth every dollar I shoveled out.


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        I figured If there was something good and or free, stephen would have posted it here somewhere. I figured nothin is free, or they make it too hard to get. Ha ha, even the local SSI phone number isn't in service anymore. Go figure.......gotta sit on hold on the 800 # and then they don't know the answer.


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          Grants go to community organizations, NOT to individual businesspersons.

          Loans go to people who DON'T need the money.

          If you don't have at least five figures on deposit in the bank and a FICO score over 700, and aren't willing to put up sizable collateral (like your house) forget about a small business loan from a bank. This comes straight from the local VP of our (former) regional bank. After we heard that, we moved our business accounts to a small town bank.

          A finance company may loan you some cash (this is how we started and we paid off the loan in a year) but it destroys your credit rating when you borrow from a finance company.

          The Small Business Administration loan program is a joke, it's so complicated that most banks don't even bother to administer it.

          We started on a shoestring and are slowly becoming debt free. We'll plow any profit back into the business and self-finance any new purchases.
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            Nothing in life is free. I would be very suspicious.