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what brand of scissors do you prefer

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  • what brand of scissors do you prefer

    Hello all,

    I am not happy with the scissors and thinners that I am using, so I thought I would kinda throw out a general "poll question". I am grooming large breeds, bernese, Leonberger, etc...

    What is your choice in scissors and thinners??

    Brand, length, etc...


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    Personally, I like Wolffs. But they're harder than hen's teeth to find.


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      Originally posted by Helly View Post
      Personally, I like Wolffs. But they're harder than hen's teeth to find.
      Helly, if you like Wolff, go directly to the manufacturer. Wolff They're really reasonably priced!


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        I use and LOVE my C-Mons. Lightweight, well balanced and lifetime sharpening for the cost of them shipping them back to me. $5.00 for 3 pairs!


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          My oldest brand and my favorites are my monks, but for the newest of my scissors I like my super gators and my kenchi scorpions. for my heavy coated scissor cuts I do love my c-mons 10 in shears. I was never fond of wolfs personally ,but thats just me. My best advice for purchasing new shears is find a vendor that will let you test them before you decide or if you know others that will let you test there brands.Not all scissors fit every hand it helps to know which suits you the best before you make it final.


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            I love my c-mons.....I wouldn't trade them for the world!


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              Geib ALL the way!


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                Before I was a groomer I was a cosmetologist full time (I still do hair just not as much). In beauty school they DRILL in to you the importance of good shears. I have always loved Kenchii but have tried soo many.
                I have the pink poodle 8in straights from Kenchii and I like them but they are not my favorites.
                I have some monk curves and I swear they weigh 14 pounds.
                I have some of the paw brothers and they are ok for cheap shears but they are cheap..
                BUT I gotta tell you my absolute favorite of all time are my Jay Scuggs cobra series straights and 44 tooth thinners.


                I dont think that any pair I have ever used even comes close to how smooth they cut they are light in your hand just everything about them is amazing. I HIGHLY reccomend them!

                If you have the chance you should really check them out I promise you will not bes sorry


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                  Love my Kenchii!

                  My C-mons were just too heavy for me, my wrists hurt if I used them too much. Same for Wolff. I have small hands and bad wrists. Sold both. The C-mon's went for $10 on Ebay! Dumb me didn't know about reserves back then. Someone got a great deal!

                  I like Geibs too.
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                    Aussie Dog

                    I have 4 pair and I love them! My blade guy sells them and conned me into buying some and now I am hooked!


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                      I always seem to go back to my Geibs.


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                        I have been a long time fan of any of Ed Geib's shears. I do have some Kenchii's, they are nice, too. However, I recently picked up a pr. of Shark Fins, OH MY....what a difference in my stress in trying to move around the dog because that swivel does it for you!!!



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                          I do alot of big 'uns too.
                          Really like my Geib Super Gator 9.5's for general work, and Kenchii Lotus 9.5 for finishing. I find the Kenchii's great for finish on poochies like Std. Poos and the Geibs seem to do everything I need on the bulkier coats like Berners.
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                            Welp, since I'm a scissor dropper I've never wanted to spend too much on a pair of scissors. $100 is the max, and I think that might have been my geibs. Recently I bought a pair of Kenchiis on sale for $89 and I really like them. I need another pair of curved and I'll probably go with Kenchii - but I still won't spend over $100.

                            But I guess I really havn't found a "favorite" yet. I'm not picky, just so long as they are nice and sharp..... and not heavy. I've always figured if I havnt' tried a pair of those expensive scissors I really don't know what I'm missing anyway

                            I DO prefer my scissors to be 10" though.

                            I AM picky about my blades and nail clippers though. I can't even tell you what brand nail clippers I use, but I've had them for over 10 years and they are the only nail clippers I use. I think they are supose to be for cats. lol Wouldn't work on a large dog, but since I only groom small dogs that's not a problem for me. I really should order a couple more pairs "just in case" because if I lost those things I would be..... lost.


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                              I Have kamasoris and I LOVE my Jakes
                              I also just purchased a pair of super gaors 8.5 in and i LOVE them

                              for you scissor guru's out there I bought a pair of shears from OK shear company about 2 yrs ago and the only thing i can read on them is "Yuki Asia" I cannot remeber for the life of me what shears these are short shanked and they are awesome.
                              Is there a brand out there called "yuki"?????? I would like to have another pair of them .I can;t always get to Ok shear.