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  • Anxiety wraps

    Has anyone used these on their own dogs? Do they work?

    Where do you order them?

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    I have a reactive dog that I use a "wrap" on. It helps calm and relax him a little, in situations that are stressful for him.

    A TTouch seminar I went suggested using a wide Ace bandage as the wrap or a snug fitting t-shirt. I usually put the t-shirt on him and tighten up the slack with a hair scrunchy. It's just easier and faster to get the shirt on/off than the Ace bandage.


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      What are they??? I could use one for myself!
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        Hey DD...I assisted a friend with getting her 90 lb., completely blind Lab X to the acupuncture lady for his first appt.
        He has a TERRIBLE time traveling...has for years, and it got way worse when he went blind 2 years ago...

        The acupuncturist talked about these, and suggested my friend try a snug Tee shirt first to see if it would have any positive effect...and it has definitely helped him.

        My friend has not seen the need to move beyond the Tee shirt...but the dog doesn't travel w/out wearing it now.

        I don't know where to find them, but she may have an acu. appt this week, and I can ask her to ask the lady...if you'd like?
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          can you use these on cats?a friend just adopted a cat that has some issues,behavior issues and she doesnt want to give the cat up,but maybe i can suggest these to her


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            [u]The Anxiety Wrap[/u] I've seen them on eBay a few times, and Amazon has them all the time.

            If it's right for that individual dog, they can certainly make a difference. I've always just used an elastic bandage or polo wraps. Far less expensive! I've got a friend using my 4" ankle wrap with some DAP on her thunderstorm dog, and they've seen a distinct improvement in just two or three tries.
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              Wow is that ever a neat idea! I have often calmed some of my larger dogs by "leaning" on them or even giving them a "bear hug" for a while just because it works, never thought there might be a science to it. That is so cool and I'm going to get that info to a client of mine who has a Golden with severe thunderstorm anxiety. THANKS Kifaru! And Dog Daze for binging this topic up!
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                Humans and wraps

                Well, Karla, as a matter of fact...

                Have you heard of Dr. Temple Grandin? She suffers from autism, and actually because of her autism she has amazing insights into the animal world. She has some fabulous books out. But, she talks of making herself a "squeeze" box - similar to squeeze chutes she saw used for giving cattle injections and what not. She says it really helps her when she is feeling anxious.

                Rainingcats&dogs, As for kitties, I have no idea if it would work on them, but the whole sort of full body pressure thing seems to work on so many animals that it might help. Maybe do a search on it and see if you find anything.


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                  Try looking up "weighted blankets". Some people with autistic kids use them.