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Two businesses?

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  • Two businesses?

    I think I asked a similar question in another thread but hope to get some more input.

    I wondering if I should separate my business into a grooming biz and a photography biz. I plan on pursuing photography full time and doing travel sessions as well. Yes, I mean business LOL. Grooming is more of a part time thing, 3 days a week (still a good paycheck)

    Firstly, I love my business name for the grooming side, "That Tenacious Terrier!" I'm just not keen on it representing my photography. It just feels weird, since an English Coonhound (they are my muses) will likely be on the homepage! Definitely no terrier. So, am I crazy to even be thinking this? Sole Proprietorship on one and LLC the other? Which would be which? I know I should talk to a professional, but currently (this month) it's not in the budget.

    I'm already working on a separate website. My 'web guy' was going to do a splash page I guess.

    Pros? Cons? Please, feedback- I need it! Feeling lost in the woods...

    Thanks a bunch!
    That Tenacious Terrier!

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    Not an expert by any means, but could you have them both under one legal name like "abc enterprises" and then have one doing business under the grooming shop name, and one under a different name? You really need to talk to someone who knows their stuff! Don't know what a difference it would make tax and insurance wise.