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Need advice for Santa - videos.

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  • Need advice for Santa - videos.

    This year I am going to ask Santa for some grooming videos. I have never purchased any before, seen any, and I have NO idea which ones are good. If you have purchased and watched some videos sets, could you please give me some recommendations?

    Here is what I am looking for:

    -High quality
    -Geared towards correct show/AKC standard grooming
    -Modern and updated
    -In Depth
    -Nice length - no 15 min quickies
    -Good video quality
    -Videos that cover a lot of aspects - I have been grooming a while and do not want videos geared towards beginners and super basic stuff
    -Videos where you walked away feeling like you learned a lot even if you have been grooming for decades

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    Sue Zecco and Jay Shruggs have videos out and can be purchased from

    I personally have not purchased any videos but I have watched a few of these in bits and pieces I think they are very well put together and informative.


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      Right now, Jodi Murphy has an awesome ad on the sale of her Instructional Series Package Payment Plan. My husband just ordered it for me as one of my Christmas Gifts. Check out her site to view some samples, but for the special package deal with payments spread over time, you will need to email her for information on how to process this special deal.


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        Call me a skeptic

        I don't know how long you have been grooming - maybe I have been grooming too long and been to enough conventions and enough dog shows that videos are not really worth the $$ to me. Some are downright awful and I would never in my life turn out dogs that look the way they are demonstrating (yes, they are that bad). Others - like the Scruggs/Zecko (a few of which I have seen) and Jodi Murphy (haven't seen any, just some clips) - are better done and have gorgeous grooms, but are perhaps more useful to those who don't or can't get to conventions and/or dog shows.

        That's my take, anyway. So spend judiciously and see for yourself before going too wild, lol.


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          So is the concensous that the Jodi Murphey tapes are the best around right now? WOuld love more feedback from those who own some sets.