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happy holidays!

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  • happy holidays!

    hi everyone! I have been away for a long time here! So many things went on over the last 5 months--------good and bad. I have had 3 cancer surgeries on 2 of my dogs this also went through radiation and had a severe reaction to it. he is STILL not right. had one other dog get a weird nasal tumor we THOUGHT was cancer but it wasn't. whew! Oh and also had a dog run away from the vet (minutes before his cancer surgery) and get hit by a car after being gone for 40 minutes. Anyone know what downtown hackensack is like?? well it is a sespool and that was where my baby was found! Lying in the street with a broken face and his IV stuck to his little paw........

    Spent about $15,000 in vet bills in 3 months!

    Trying to run my mobile biz was sure tricky this summer! But I did it and stopped taking new clients in sept (will resume in january)
    Want to get back into the grooming forum but it has been hard.........just not that into grooming and photography and writing has become my passion (don't worry Ellen, I am sooo not into writing a mobile groom book!) That's not to say I am not a workaholic anymore! LOL still grooming 8 a day ---sats too! I groom now in my sleep and honestly cannot remember what dogs I did by the end of the day!

    my website is overflowing with photos....uploading personal as well as biz photos every day.
    I also have lots of ear/teeth/ medical photos on there to help alert owners to what I see every day and what they can look out for. (I think I am addicted to ugly teeth photos!)

    I am hoping to start plans on a stationary shop....don't know if I'll keep the mobile.................haven't decided. Jarbas Godoy Is STILL my hero and am longing for an autograph and hug from him....................

    PS i still do not brush teeth as part of a groom and I still FIRMLY believe that dogs do not belong riding on the back of motorcycles

    Well happy everything to all of you! you can take a breath now-- whew!
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    wow lots going on,i hope your doggies are on the mend now,and sounds like you need a vacation,but with all those vet bills i can see why you are such a workaholic,take time for yourself and have a happy and safe holiday as well


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      Wow just when you think your the only one going through awful life changing events. I'm sorry to hear about all of the things you have been going through. I hope things are looking better and hope all your babies will be alright.


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        I was wondering where you were. OMGoodness, so sorry to hear about your baby's. Hope they are feeling better. It's good to hear you are so busy grooming but then you always are. The shop sounds like a great idea. You know I would send you lots of peeps. Take good care and have a wonderful holiday. Have fun writing too! When you have time, come back and join us. We're not going anywhere. lol


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          WOW!! You have had a lot going on! Hope all the fur kids are on the mend now and life can settle back down. Be sure to take some time for yourself after the Christmas rush is over. Sounds like you are in dire need of some "me time". Translated - a weekend of phone off the hook, living in your jammies, having pizza delivered, eating Cheetoes and watching junk TV on your couch with all your pets snuggled around you in a big soft quilt. Also lots of naps and hot tub baths. Take care and Happy Holidays to you too!


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            Nothing like sick babys to break a heart, hope they are doing better, and here's to good start for the up coming next year!


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              I've been wondering where you were, but I remembered you mentioning health issues with the kids and figured that was monopolizing wahtever extra time you may have. Not that it could be much with all you do. You were certainly missed here!
              Hope your kids all get better. Best of luck on the salon!
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                Took me a few minutes...I thought when you said opening a stationary shop, you meant one that sold frilly writing paper and cards and those ink stamps. Also thought, "gee, that sounds very boring and not very lucrative". Then (I think) I figured it out.

                I think sometimes it's a balance between following your heart, or doing what you are very good they are not necessarily the same thing, and something's got to pay the bills.
                You are doubly blessed Louie.
                I can think of worse dilemmas (hmm, should I make a career as a professional poisonous snake charmer or Proctologist?)

                Good to have you back, even if it's just for a little while...and I hope 2010 is gentler on your pets.
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