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  • what would you do?

    I went on an interview today at 8am, well I got home at 6pm. I started in one shop and ended my day 40 miles from home at the other shop. The owner has 2 shops with no groomers left, they all quit. I did most of the 12 baths ,did the prep on 6 dogs and started the finish on 3 dogs.
    I'm hired I think because she wants me back tomorrow doing the same thing start in one shop at 8am which is 26 miles away leave there at 12pm and finish my day in the other shop which is 40 miles away from my home end at 5pm get home at 6pm. She lives 3 miles away from the second shop. And I don't know what the pay is.

    Does this sound right??????? Is it because I want a job so bad that I'm not looking at this correctly. What would you do?

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    Sounds like a good temp job that will allow you to make a little holiday money. I would keep looking for something better. When I took a job at the vet's as a "vet tech" they tried to tell me that the 3 days I worked the first week (24 hours) was a working interview and they didn't tell me my hourly wage until after those three days and it was in the single digits. Things never got better...


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      I would find out a lot more; including my pay; I did this for a while; they kept overbooking both locations; I worked my ss off for two years, until the vet dropped me from one location when business was slow; I found another job; then he wanted me to go back to doing both when they got busy. Nope, buhbye; I would never do it again; too much travelling and too much could go wrong; have them book one day at one place and the next day at the other place, instead of a half day at each.


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        I would at least make sure they are paying you for gas and mileage if you are using your own car. Ask up front, dont get taken advantage of since It sounds like they are hurting for help. There is a reason the other staff quit so be prepared


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          I am surprized that you have to ask if this is ok. NO. I would suggest you ask her what your salary is and how you will be oompensated for yesterdays work. I would also ask her if you will be paid for mileage as you drive between shops. I am wondering why all of her groomers quit. That should be a big concern to you.


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            Need to pin her down on the specifics before you find yourself in a situation you hate. I'd be questioning why everyone quit.


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              I think you need to hash out the details first. I myself wouldn't travel to the 2nd salon. Just work 1, time is $$$. You have to travel to the 2nd salon, are you getting pd for that?? Work out ALL the detail, pay, vacation, med benefits, what your actual duties are, etc. Get it in writing before you "start". Sounds to me like a crazy interview...8am-6pm interview? I've had my salon my 1000 years and would never think of asking so much during an "interview". Good Luck and keep us posted.