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    I went on an interview today at 8am, well I got home at 6pm. I started in one shop and ended my day 40 miles from home at the other shop. The owner has 2 shops with no groomers left, they all quit. I did most of the 12 baths ,did the prep on 6 dogs and started the finish on 3 dogs.
    I'm hired I think because she wants me back tomorrow doing the same thing start in one shop at 8am which is 26 miles away leave there at 12pm and finish my day in the other shop which is 40 miles away from my home end at 5pm get home at 6pm. She lives 3 miles away from the second shop. And I don't know what the pay is.

    Does this sound right??????? Is it because I want a job so bad that I'm not looking at this correctly. What would you do?

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    If she expects you to travel as part of your job, then I believe she has to pay travel expense. $$$ per mile, or gas card, or company car, etc. It is one thing for your to drive to one place, but to have to drive 25 miles to another place in the middle of your day seems a little weird.
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      I want to know why the other groomers have quit. But I would definitely charge her for mileage.

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        Sounds like she might be in a jam and need some help. I'd find out your pay and mileage, unless she can have you groom at one business one day and then the other business the next day.


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          You should definetly be compensated for milage, not to mention wear and tear on your personal vehicle.
          Also I'd find out why no one is working there, sound suspecious to me. I'd get pay info up front no if ands or buts....