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Susan Boyle sells 701,000 this week! Go girl!

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  • Susan Boyle sells 701,000 this week! Go girl!

    Supposedly she's the #1 debuting female artist ever in the US, and has trampled everyone else on the charts, including the UK. Just wanted to give a heads up! It's a great album!

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    I love for the awkward outcast to win....

    Society sadly throws people to the side, but she persevered and look at her now!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!


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      She's got some set of pipes! God bless her!


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        I had read that the preselling of her CD outsold every other presell done by anyone before. Good for her! May she enjoy this part of her life immensely.

        The record execs and entertainment moguls have kept some very deserving people from exposure when they deem them as "not good-looking". In Canada, Rita McNeil made it big, but she would have had a much harder time in the US, I believe, because the emphasis is too much on "looks".

        Go Susan!!


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          Yeah, that lady can belt it out! Go Susan!!
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            She also has a 13th track that was only allowed to be released in Japan called "Wings To Fly". You can hear it on Youtube and it is stunning. I think it is my favorite. It's worth listening to believe me. I just got my CD today and haven't even listened to it yet. I'm sad that "Wings To Fly" wasn't released here in the US. Susan rocks!!
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              I like the CD

              but I was a bit disappointed in that she doesn't really belt it out. No big stuff, just pretty songs. Still she's great and what a fun and joyful true story.
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                No, she's not a power balladeer but, she has a lovely, soothing voice. I am delighted to see her make it bigger than she ever imagined.
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