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  • Beagles

    Anyone know of any good breeders in MN? I have a friend who is planning on getting a puppy and want help finding a breeder.


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    Does she know?

    Does your friend know that Beagles are HOUNDS (nose hounds) which mean they tend to follow scents, get in the garbage, not listen to commands, they shed (lots of people think short hair doesn't shed), and they bay.

    Just wondering....

    Not to say that there aren't some nice pets that are Beagles, but they basically are not what a lot of people expect.


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      Where in MN, I know of a couple of places and I'll send her to the closest one first. I'm not sure they have pups available but that's something they can find out. I'm also not sure how much they cost but I do know that they come from champion lines and are given a health guarantee so....let me know!


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        to continue what debbiedogs started...

        Is she looking for hunting lines or show lines? There is a BIG difference in the two types. Of course all are scent hounds, but the show lines aren't necessarily as DRIVEN to hunt, but are still driven to sniff

        I've raised/trained hunting & performance beagles for the past 10 years (no longer breeding) and they are great dogs, but few of my beagles are good "house" pets. They don't like being in the house and feel more comfortable with their "pack" in their kennels. I've only ever place 3 dogs into pet homes due to their temperament and the rest went to hunters/trialers.

        This is one reason why you see so many in shelters. People love how cute they are and how they are a more medium sized, low maintenance (haha) dog, when in fact they are TRUE WORKING DOGS!!! They need constant supervision if loose and require tons of mental stimulation. They are also VERY INDEPENDENT and that can get them into a lot of mischief. This is not a breed for someone who works a lot or lives in an apartment or home without a large fenced yard.

        YES, the do tend to be barkers as well. That is their way of communicating with their "pack" when out in the field, so they always feel the need to let you know where they are and what's going on "over here", lol

        they are GREAT with kids and have such a wonderful personality!


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          Debbiedogs and NeaNea, thanks for your concern, I will certainly pass this info along to my friend! I do know she wants just a pet Beagle, not a hunting or performance dog. She's never had a dog so I don't think she knows much about breeding, which is why I offered to help. I am going to do my best to steer her toward a show breeder that health tests - for the quality of the dog, and so she gets a little more mellow Beagle.



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            Why not rescue?

            Shelters are loaded, absolutely loaded, with Beagles-including puppies. I hope your friend will consider rescue first in this case since Beagles are a very popular breed in the US. I know in my area like most, most of the Beagles go down at the shelter. Scent hounds in general are throw away dogs.
            That Tenacious Terrier!