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    I have a customer that has a gorgeous young boxer, sweet as sugar. Except for one thing, he has started pooping in his crate, it seems for no reason. This is a very happy dog. The dog has seen the vet, his food is fine, the dog is walked, ect. I feel so bad! Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what he can do? At some point, I guess he can consult a trainer but, before that, has anyone done anything that has solved this problem? Thanks!

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    Take him out more often and make sure he has had a chance to relieve himself.
    My cocker has GI issues with very soft loose stools. He doesn't make any attempts to hold when he is in the house but he is 100% clean in the crate. I was slacking off with walking and was just letting dogs out in the yard. He would play there all the time and forget to potty and do it as soon as he got in the house. I started bringing him in and out on the leash and putting him in the crate right away, and he got the idea.


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      Ok this is going to sound weird but it worked for me.I know dogs are not stupid by any means and they truly do understand what we are saying.Several years back I had a rott/lab during her teething stage I had to kennel her when I went out or at night time, she would literally eat my house if I didn't.first thing in the morning about 6 am she would be taken out to so she could do her business she would piddle then come back in,then promptly poop on my floor so of course i would take her back out although I knew she was done and would not go again how ever I wanted her to get the idea poo is for outside then I would place her back in her kennel for a time out for pooing on the floor.this went on for a few weeks( mind you this dog was house broke already but she had issues).I finally reached my boiling point with this behavior as she would be taken out to do her duty then come back in and poop on my carpet.this time I changed my routine instead of taking her back outside I scolded her and placed her back in her kennel this time I added her present to the kennel right in the door she had to stare at it for an hr and smell it. lol I said to her from now on you poop in my house you sleep with it!!! I was ticked.ok I know this sounds mean, cruel ,even dumb but here's the kicker.she NEVER pooped in the house again. Now if this dog is pooping in the kennel maybe the kennel is too big. dogs normally will not poop where they sleep or eat.unless this dog is having issues and cannot hold it while in the kennel I suggest trying a smaller kennel not tiny just one that gives less space to detour his pooping in it.but enough space to stand and turn in.also hold back food while kenneled less fuel if you know what I mean


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        would need a bit more info. Often owners get relaxed with young dogs, they feel the dog is housebroke so they allow the dog to go out by himself....often the happy dog forgets why he is out there and the owners never check. Another suggestion is go back to basic training and feed at regular times and out at reg times...when dog goes out he should be on leash told to potty with owner to ensure he went.

        Often young silly dogs forget what they are supposed to do outside



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          We had a similar problem with our young GSD. I just had to give him the major portion of his food in the morning(4 cups). Then just 2 cups for dinner. Then I have to stand outside with him and remind and insist that he poop and pee before coming in for bedtime. I also have to hector him into peeing during the day,because he forgets when he's playing, then immediately needs to go out again.