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  • Health Insurance?

    Expensive. I searched the topic on this site and found a little info, but want more if you guys have it. I got a quote for $139 a month but they wouldn't include perscriptions coverage and I have a medicine that costs $245 a month without insurance. This medicine is for my asthma and you can imagine in this line of work how much I need that medicine. Are there any alternatives out there that you guys are aware of?

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    Not sure about health insurance options since your choices really depend on where you live (insurance companies aren't allowed to sell policies across state lines) but have you tried walmart or costco for your medicine? They usually have much better prices.


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      I really dont think that is unreasonable. That is about what my health insurance costs, and while I do have prescription coverage, my cost is still about 100-150/ month for meds.

      This subject is very passionate to me. As I said in a post not too long ago, I think health insurance should be on everyones xmass list if they do not have it. You never know what could come up, and if you do not have coverage, not only are you looking at medical bills, but you may not be able to get the health care you need.

      My insurance is threw BCBS individual plans. I know they have it here in Alabama, but im not sure how they work in other states. Dont give up, you will find something that works.


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        A lot of those companies that quote you a price get info and send you to a underwriter. I got to this point with several different private insurance companies and I ended up getting denied because of my asthma on nearly all of them. I ended up with Blue Cross, and it doesn't cover my asthma meds, only generic meds.


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          Originally posted by SiberianLover View Post
          I ended up with Blue Cross, and it doesn't cover my asthma meds, only generic meds.
          Just curious if that is for any length of time, due to a pre existing condition or if they will "never" cover your asthma meds?


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            Originally posted by dogspaw View Post
            Just curious if that is for any length of time, due to a pre existing condition or if they will "never" cover your asthma meds?
            No, it basically takes ten dollars off my meds. My asthma meds are expensive, so the ten dollars doesn't do much. Hopefully soon they might make a generic Singulair. Right now my doctor gives me samples.

            My other meds are pretty cheap.


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              Health Insurance

              Hi there! My husband and I have looked into lots of heath insurance companies since our Lab loves to run into the bush and get snagged on a tree. We have spent lots and lots of money on our furry baby. The insurance we looked into all ranged in different prices but one thing stayed the same "restrictions" they didn't cover, eyes or ears, skin or teeth or hips, joints you name it each one wouldn't cover something and just our luck thats what we would probably need in the end. What we have been doing is we opened a seperate bank account just for pet insurance. We put $150 aside each month so if she needs any medical emergency/medication its covered and if she doesn't well the money is still ours. Animal heath care in my opinion is a joke! Its best to trust that you will put the money aside and not wait for these insurance companies to pay them out instead. They have failed on the human side its not better for animals. Thats just my opinion!


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                definitely check with Wallmart pharmacy .Walgreen, Kmart ect I know Wallmart has a prescription plan .Both of My parents are walking medicine cabinets they cut their monthly prescription bill over 2/3 with using Wallmart plan.


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                  sibelover is right! I recently went insurance shopping and ended up with BCBS HSA insurance. The quotes and prices I looked at online where very affordable, but when the rep came and did an application, my cost was 20% more. That doesn't cover any Rx and has a 5k deductable, but at least I'm covered for catastrophic illness or injury. mine in around $200/month (but I am a woman, 50, overweight, and smoke), however, I have no pre-exsisting conditions

                  We are facing a very difficult situation with my husband tho. His health has been bad for the last 6 years and has had several surgeries and is on several Rx's. He's been on social security since 94 due to osteoarthritis and has medicare, but even with the medicare, the bills were beyond what we could afford, so we applied for medicaid. Well, he's up for reapproval for medicaid and since I've opened the salon and my income has grown, he will probably not qualify for the medicaid anymore and since he's under 65, he does not qualify for a medicare supplement policy. Any one that has medicare can tell you, they only cover about 60% of care and the Rx coverage ain't great either.

                  Good luck in your search and I hope you can find some thing that fits your needs at a cost you can afford.


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                    Our med. ins. just went from $622 a month to $818!!!!! A 43.7% increase. $30 co-pay, $3500 deductible, $10 generic, $35 name brand. It's a group plan thru the Salon with Kaiser so there was no problem with pre-existing.
                    We're 2 old broads, both over 50. I have liver disease, high blood pressure, I smoke and I'm a fatso. (Dang I otta be dead any day now!) My partner had skin cancer and smokes. No way could we get private insurance. At least it's still tax deductible.
                    Forget single payer or public option. I don't even know what those mean. Pass a law that limits the price increase to the rate of inflation.