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"Dog Show Crud" or DSC

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  • "Dog Show Crud" or DSC

    I've never heard of this before, but I was looking through craigslist and someone had posted an ad titled, "Parvo." It said:

    "For everyone posting about parvo and new strains , and older dogs with vaccines contracting it.
    There is another disease that mimics parvo almost exactly, it is missed by vets constantly, and the idea that it came from dog shows etc is misleading. The common name for it is 'dog show crud' which is where that idea came from, and it was recognized first by show people when many dogs began to get sick with parvo symptoms, even tho they were adults or had all vaccines.It's more prevalent anywhere there are large numbers of dogs congregating in one area. Dog parks,training classes, and of course dogs shows etc. It is NOT a virus but a bacteria. Symptoms are almost identical to parvo, and parvo tests will even test positive sometimes. ( Matter of fact, any dog/puppy recently vaccinated for parvo is likely to show positive on a parvo test anyway since it tests for antibodies, and vaccines cause the body to produce antibodies)

    Since 'dog show crud' is NOT a virus,,,traditional parvo treatments mean death for the dog or puppy. This condition must be treated by specific antibiotics in order to be successful.
    Google dog show crud for symptoms etc.

    The word needs to be gotten out among all pet owners. Countless dogs/puppies die from 'parvo' that could have been saved,,if the correct diagnosis and treatments were given.

    Any time a puppy with all vaccines or an adult dog over 2yrs old (vaccinated or not) shows severe signs of 'parvo' it should be checked for dog show crud. Any time you hear of an adult dog dying from parvo, it should be assumed it was actually this bacteria. Adults with normal immune systems are unable to reproduce cells lining the intestines fast enough for parvo to be dangerous.

    Please remember this and google for details. It could save a life. Although I dont understand why vets seem ignorant of this, they generally they dont check or even question parvo symptoms as anything other than parvo.Ecspecially with a test saying positive which is extremely misleading.
    I was lucky enough to work for one that DID know about parvo vs bacteria from dsc, and in 3 yrs of working there she NEVER lost a parvo patient. Not one.

    Hope this might help a dog in the future "

    Has anyone heard of this or dealt with it? Any more info would be great, as I searched the forums here and didn't find anything about it.

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    They're probably talking about campylobacter, which does mimic parvo so well it will even cause a positive snap test. But the rest of their information is a bit sketchy. In fact the treatment IS the same as one uses to treat parvo, and most dogs and puppies will recover if treated quickly.

    There is no vaccine, and one infection does not make the dog or puppy immune. They can get it again.


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      Thanks, Helly. I kind of assumed that this info wasn't 100%, considering it was a random craigslist post.